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Re-Introducing AXIS OG06

This week we re-introduce our mint OGIENOID, AXIS OG06! Originally debuted with a totally different design, AXIS OG06 has developed a lot. Not only backstory but looks and personality as well!

Name Origins

Axis – /ˈæksɪs/

AXIS OG06’s name is derived from the axis (C2) vertebra of the spine. This vertebra, with the atlas (C1), helps to form the skull’s pivot point. Simply, the axis allows the atlas (which supports the head) to rotate.

Axis also refers to an imaginary line about which a body, such as a planet, rotates. In this way, Axis is what the planet rotates around, while Atlas supports it.

Art and Design by Ceren

AXIS OG06’s original design was more closed and monotone in color. As she grew and become more confident as a character, we felt her attire no longer reflected her new personality traits. In 2018, we had her design revised and retired her original outfit. We actually do have an image of her original concept art as well, back from 2014-2015! AXIS OG06 sure has changed a lot!

Axis's very first design (circa 2013)
AXIS’s First Design. Concept by Ceren.

The First to Awaken

AXIS OG06 was the first of a set of androids created by KASAI OG01. Her first core memory was waking inside a pristine, white laboratory alongside her siblings. The first to arise, she was the only creation of KASAI OG01 to ever see her in person, if only for a moment.

Growing Pains

As a child, AXIS OG06 was isolated from the world, and she was never allowed to step foot out of her home. 

She always remembered another android child from the lab. The girl had been dazed and confused upon waking, but she had still managed to make her way over to the other child. Even as she grew, she never forgot the pink-haired girl asleep in her cryogenic chamber. Somehow, even as a teenager, she never quite shook the overwhelming urge to see the girl again. 

On one particular day, AXIS OG06 had been scheduled to meet with a stranger. The room she met with this person in had a large, glass wall that revealed a major hallway. At just the right moment, she glanced at a passerby through the wall and saw the person she had been eager to meet all her life. The two glanced at one another for only a split moment, but the event re-lit AXIS’s fire. From there on out, her one and only goal became the hunt for information about the girl… About her sister.

From the day she was found within the laboratory, AXIS OG06 was told she was different from those she was allowed to interact with, and that she was not human. She grew up knowing she was an android, and she learned the differences between herself and the lab workers who took care of her rather quickly. However, over time, she realized these humans didn’t believe her emotions were real, and the lab workers chastised her that her obsession with her “sister” was an unnatural blip in her code. Fearing the lab workers would take actions against her, or worse, erase her memories, she bottled up her feelings, becoming cold, quiet, and rather nihilistic.

AXIS’s Memories

As she grew into an adult, a strange occurrence began to plague AXIS OG06. During the night, she experienced incredibly vivid nightmares. It started off once a month, then biweekly, but, soon, it was every night. Each dream was more horrible than the last, and, soon, it was affecting her personality and performance. She longed for comfort but knew no one would give it to her.

The Present

In the story’s timeline, AXIS OG06 has lived her days as a science experiment for the rich and powerful. When the story begins, she has never stepped foot outside her home.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. AXIS OG06 spends her days supporting her fellow OGIENOIDs in song and dance, as well as looking after her three children, Artemis, Gaia, and Lyra.

Character Description:

(From her character page): In her youth, AXIS OG06 was a rather cold and nihilistic child, aware that she and her sister had been separated. She was reticent and analytical, as she was not allowed to talk much during her years as a test subject. Still, she was relatively obsessed with the sister she never met, dreaming of better days where the two could live together and be themselves. AXIS OG06 has always been someone that craves familial bonds.

Once she and ATLAS OG07 could get to know one another, she became a warm, protective, and rather mothering individual. In the present, AXIS OG06 has become a nurturing, confident woman that focuses on her friends and family above all else.

Re-Introducing HONOS OG04

This week’s post is all about HONOS OG04, the OGIENOID that entrances with a gentle, deep, and androgynous voice. She is the second member of “The Triad,” a subset of OGIENOID characters developed to be used together. VIRTUS OG02 and THEIA OG03 are her counterparts.

HONOS OG04’s original concept was male. However, the idea was scrapped due to the difficulty of sourcing male voices. Additionally, our team wanted to start representing WLW relationships among our OGIENOIDs, so the decision to make HONOS OG04 female was an easy one.

Name Origins

Honos – /ˈhɔnoːs̠/

Honos is the Roman god and personification of honor. Closely associated with Virtus (the Roman Goddess of bravery and virtue), the two were frequently honored together, such as in Rome’s Temple of Virtus and Honos.

We always planned Honos and Virtus to be a pair and couple. Therefore, we wanted to pick a pair of names that were deeply intertwined.

HONOS OG04 Original Concept Art
HONOS OG04’s Original Concept by Ceren. Base by rika-dono.

To Protect

HONOS OG04’s name was originally “Honos Unit, #258”. She was a member of law enforcement, specially created for the job. HONOS’s primary function was as a social worker and de-escalation specialist. Therefore, she worked on-call for a local police department, taking care of situations that required a more emotional approach. Above all, her specialty was dealing with those who were not mentally sound, keeping them out of harm’s way.

Occasionally, she partook in high-risk situations. Her physical build made her a strong fighter, and her high-speed reflexes made her quick to retaliate against danger.

One particular evening, she was involved in a dangerous call that left her severely wounded and malfunctioning. As a result, she was the only survivor, her unit of fellow androids decimated. Unable to fight back, she began to lose consciousness as a group of criminals began to bag up her friends.

Without A Trace

Honos found herself sold on the dark web, with numerous buyers bidding on her. As an android member of law enforcement, she had several unique features and kept many sensitive secrets.
Her highest bidder ended up being an underground robot fighting ring. They were highly interested in her physical strength, and their audience practically drooled over the idea of a female, human-like robot fighting to the death. However, she refused to let them have the satisfaction of watching her go down. As a result, Honos triumphed every battle she was partaking in.

After two or so years, Honos finally found a way to escape her captors. Upon realizing that she was finally free to live her life however she pleased, she decided to blend in with society and find out who she truly was.

Welcome Home

After living for herself after a year or so, Honos bumped into a stray android on the streets. The android, huddled against a dumpster in the pouring rain, was battered and dirty. She noticed that the android was a commercial-grade unit, highly expensive with sophisticated technologies. She extended her umbrella to the android, and the two began to talk.

Honos offered to help the android find their way home, but they refused. Finally, empathizing with the stranger’s wish for freedom and to live for itself, Honos offered to take them in. They agreed though HONOS OG04 did not have a place to call home herself.

Afterward, one evening looking for shelter, the two bumped into a sparkling new, lilac-haired android on her way to deliver itself to her new company. The android assisted them, and, together, they made their way to STUDIO OGIEN.

After deliberating what to do, Honos decided to stay with the company, and their friend off the street decided to as well. Honos decided to keep her name but altered it to fit better with her new family. Honos Unit, #258 was now HONOS OG04, and her Roman name inspired the pattern of Roman/Greek names among OGIENOIDs. The android off the street decided to pick something that paired well, choosing VIRTUS as her given name.

The Present

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. But, always taking care of her fellow OGIENOIDs, HONOS OG04 is alive and well outside the story’s timeline.

Character Description:

(From her character page): HONOS OG04 is a relatively calm and collected woman. Her presence itself is very calming. However, she has a knack for stabilizing others’ emotions, and this trait earned her admiration from her fellow OGIENOID team members. She has always been a shoulder to cry on and a bit of a therapy bot. Her mental health is robust, but on occasion, she breaks down, she turns to VIRTUS OG02 for comfort.

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

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Re-Introducing THEIA OG03

Re-Introducing THEIA OG03

This week’s re-introduction post is all about our lilac lady, THEIA OG03! Though she was in development for far longer, THEIA initially joined our lineup in 2018. As a result, THEIA has undergone the most drastic of redesigns from concept to public release. For example, our girl was initially designed with brown hair and purple eyes!

Name Origins:

Theia – /ˈθiːə/

The name THEIA means “goddess” or “divine.” Theia is a Titaness in Greek mythology, also referred to as Euryphaessa, meaning “wide-shining.” In the sciences, Theia is the name of a mythological planet said to have collided with Earth, resulting in the creation of its moon.

The OGIENOIDs tend to follow a naming pattern, using Greek/Roman Gods, Goddesses, and Titans’ names. Chosen for its lovely, feminine sound and its relation to the character’s personality is why we chose it. As she is a sweet, happy girl that acts as a ray of sunshine in her friends’ lives, the name suited her to a “T.”

Purchase Agreement

Her original in-story appearance. Concept by Ceren.

THEIA OG03 was the first specialized android STUDIO OGIEN was able to purchase. Though the company was struggling, it took a gamble with its finances, hoping to bring in a larger audience. Her program and special features gave her a flexible, unique singing voice with a broad appeal. As for her body, her technologically advanced bones and flexible, human-like skin made her perfect for dancing. 

She was awakened and activated without a pre-set personality. However, she did have free will. In short, the studio wanted to see her grow and evolve like a human being, which was nearly unheard of for most artificial life at the time. 

Theia Joins the Family

As THEIA OG03’s original company was relatively close by, she could deliver herself to the studio by simply walking. On her way to STUDIO OGIEN, she bumped into two runaway female biodroids. As the three began to talk, the lilac-haired girl realized she was starting to experience emotions. Seeing the other two girls looking disheveled and desperate to hide from the public, she felt herself gaining an understanding of empathy. 

THEIA OG03 offered for the two to follow her in hopes they might receive help. The studio offered to take the two in alongside THEIA OG03, and the three would become fast friends. Those two biodroids would later be known as HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02, and they would later join THEIA OG03 as OGIENOIDs. The three would receive the formation name “The Triad” and, soon, became so successful that they pulled the studio out of its financial troubles. 

THEIA OG03 would soon after become the first leader of the OGIENOIDs, upon their idol debut. Her responsibilities would grow as the number of OGIENOIDs increased. Soon, she found herself the leader of nearly 30 other members. THEIA OG03 worked hard to make sure she connected with each of her fellow teammates, considering them all her family.

Not Going Down Without A Fight

As her fellow OGIENOIDs disappeared and revenue from their performances dried up, THEIA OG03 felt it was her responsibility to continue traveling and performing to keep the studio afloat. If it collapsed, her remaining friends would be split up and sold, and her missing and deceased friends would fade from memory. Despite the risk to her safety, she pressed on, no matter the cost. 

However, her attitude changed one evening when one of her fellow performers began to act strangely on stage. Mid-routine, the performer began to convulse and move erratically. When THEIA OG03 noticed this happening, she rushed to her friend’s side, only to be pushed away. Confused, she looked back up at her colleague, only to see a sad yet terrified expression on her friend’s face as they malfunctioned and blew up. 

That was the last time THEIA OG03 ever performed.

The Present

In the story’s timeline, THEIA OG03 has been missing for several years. So no one is quite sure where she is or if she’s even alive.

On the other hand, her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. But, as her audience knows her, she continues to lead her fellow OGIENOIDs.

Character Description:

(From her character page): THEIA OG03 is a natural-born leader with a passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She is the typical happy-go-lucky girl, ever optimistic and encouraging of others. She has what seems like never-ending energy levels, constantly hyper and energetic.

THEIA OG03 can also be quite a flirt, unable to resist chatting up a cute girl. However, she refuses to get involved with colleagues to keep things from getting complicated.


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Re-Introducing VIRTUS OG02

Re-Introducing VIRTUS OG02

This week’s re-introduction post is all about the yellow OGIENOID, VIRTUS OG02! Now, VIRTUS OG02 is not yet officially released, so this post is more accurately an “introduction” rather than a “re-introduction.” Still, we’ve teased her character a bit in the past, and our goal is to bring our audience up to speed on new character development. So our post today serves as the official introduction for VIRTUS OG02 as we prepare her new voicebank release for 2022.

Name Origins

Virtus – /vɜːˈtuːz/

The Roman goddess of bravery, as well as the personification of Roman virtue. Closely associated with Honos (the Roman God of honor), the two were frequently honored together, such as in the Temple of Virtus and Honos in Rome.

We always planned Honos and Virtus to be a pair and couple. Therefore, we wanted to pick a pair of names that were deeply intertwined.

A Blank Canvas

VIRTUS OG02 is the second member of the OGIENOID series, an unplanned addition. When she was first created, she was a unique made-to-order android for the advertisement industry. Designed as a blank slate, VIRTUS OG02 had no set identity, personality, or appearance. Usually, she possessed gray “skin” and colorless eyes. However, when used for an appearance in a commercial, the respective clientele would change her identity with contacts, wigs, and body paint. She could become anyone, but it left her feeling empty. 

VIRTUS OG02 concept art
VIRTUS OG02’s “Blank Slate” Concept Art by Ceren

VIRTUS OG02 Becomes Obsolete

After 8 long years, her acting career came to a halt. Suddenly, her tear ducts malfunctioned, causing her to appear as if she was constantly crying. Rather than repair her, the company decided to deactivate and destroy her, as she was an outdated model. Unfortunately, VIRTUS OG02 overheard the plans and fled. 

Image of HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02 in an alley

Alone and afraid, she wandered the streets until HONOS OG04 found her and brought her to STUDIO OGIEN. Afterward, VIRTUS OG02 discovered who she was and requested a new, permanent appearance. Because of her love for yellow and gold, she would be known as the yellow OGIENOID. The addition of orange as her secondary color was attributed to HONOS OG04. To honor all she’d been through as well as her seniority as the oldest android of the group, her fellow OGIENOIDs decided she should receive the “02” OGIENOID number.

The Present

Image of VIRTUS OG02, THEIA OG03, and HONOSOG05
The Triad Performs

In the story’s timeline, she has been missing for several years. In short, no one is quite sure where she is or if she’s even alive.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. But, as her audience knows her, VIRTUS OG02 has fun performing with her friends every day!

Character Description:

VIRTUS OG02 is a calm and elegant lady. A lover of the arts and design, she spends her free time running a side business specializing in fashion and jewelry design. In addition, she is an incredibly giving person, bending over backward to make sure each of her friends has the perfect, most special custom outfit for their most special occasions. 

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

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Re-Introducing KASAI OG01

As STUDIO OGIEN continues to grow, so have our OGIENOIDs. Over time, our girls have taken the reigns on their character development. They have written themselves to a point where their characters and backstories have evolved and changed. As a result, each girl has grown since we first introduced them to you! Today is the debut of our “Re-Introducing” series, a set of dedicated blog posts aimed at re-introducing each girl to you, our beloved audience. In preparation for the release of their story, we believe it is high time we explore how each girl’s character has changed. Our first post will focus on KASAI OG01, our original OGIENOID, and the Heart of STUDIO OGIEN.

Name Origins:

Kasai – /ka-sai/

The name “KASAI”, written as “火災” in Japanese, means a “conflagration” or a large, destructive fire.

Since KASAI OG01 was created long before the other OGIENOIDs as a singular entity, she is the only character with a Japanese name. Thus, she goes against the theme of Greek/Roman name origins that the other girls share.

KASAI’s Early Days

KASAI OG01’s earliest design vs. her current default outfit

KASAI OG01 is an android created from bio-organic matter, labeling her more accurately as a bio-android. She was activated on a cold February morning by a member of STUDIO OGIEN. Back then, she possessed a younger body, and she was “born” with the mental age of 13 years of age. KASAI OG01 is the first member of the OGIENOID series, created by STUDIO OGIEN. STUDIO OGIEN initially developed KASAI OG01 to see if bio-androids could fit the company’s needs as performing idols. However, when the company realized it could not convert her into a singing robot, it looked into other options.

Her body was an older, less technically advanced model, lacking many of the newest features of up-to-date androids. As a result, she could not connect wirelessly with other robots to share information, making her more of a stand-alone product. Because of this, STUDIO OGIEN figured it could work this “fault” to its advantage, using her as a portable hard drive to store sensitive company data. Her limited technological capabilities made her the perfect fit for the role, especially because, as an older model, she was not easy to keep track of when she moved from one owner to another. In other words, her creation had no paper trail. Therefore, with KASAI OG01, secrets were safe and secure.

Growing Pains

As the company grew, KASAI OG01 would gain many friends. STUDIO OGIEN began purchasing androids specifically for its OGIENOID project, which would involve a 35 member group of performing idols. As new members entered the walls, KASAI OG01 eagerly awaited news that she would be joining their training, but her hopes were quickly dashed. Her creators informed her of her new purpose as the company’s secret database, and the reality that she would never perform dawned on her. Her heart crumpled as she came to terms with her decided destiny. 

Though it hurt her heart to watch others live her dream, she stubbornly and enthusiastically attended every practice, every rehearsal, and live show her friends put on. Above all, she wanted to show her full support, hoping to encourage them.

The Beginning of The End

The time spent with her family was coming to an end. One by one, OGIENOIDs disappeared seemingly overnight. What was once a lively family of 35 was decimated down to 6 within weeks. KASAI OG01 watched her family members walk out the door, only never to come back. All the while, STUDIO OGIEN forced her behind its walls. 

STUDIO OGIEN enacted drastic measures to protect its performers. However, without the income from performances, STUDIO OGIEN was quickly collapsing under financial pressure. Bankruptcy threatened the company, forcing the OGIENOIDs to perform for pay. Behind the scenes, the business scrambled to find other ways to make ends meet. 

KASAI OG01 would watch from the sidelines, deep in the company’s underground lab. She monitored the interactions and trips her friends had through their security camera feeds. Each OGIENOID’s live feed was visible to her on a company supercomputer, and her hope for the future diminished every day as more and more screens went dark.

As she watched her fellow OGIENOIDs blink out of existence, one by one, KASAI OG01 became increasingly desperate to save her remaining family and prevent the collapse of STUDIO OGIEN. So, without consulting colleagues, she planned to preserve the OGIENOID line by creating three new, unregistered child androids, who she would split pieces of her being between to safeguard her friends and her company. The first child would receive her memories, the second, her database, and the third, her consciousness.

Upon transferring her being to her “children,” KASAI OG01 ceased to function, giving the entirety of her being to create the future of the OGIENOIDs.

Unconditional (HOPE.UST)
KASAI OG01 gives her life to create her “children.”

The Present

In the story’s timeline, KASAI OG01 no longer exists in the present, and she is considered deceased.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. However, KASAI OG01, as her audience knows her, is alive and well, and she has many adventures with her fellow OGIENOIDs.

Character Description:

(From KASAI OG01’s character page): Loud, extroverted, and friendly. KASAI OG01 enjoys pushing herself to her physical limits and is always willing to try new things. Though she is small, she is a short-tempered girl unafraid to get into a spat, confident she’ll always come out on top. KASAI OG01 is a devoted friend who would give her life for her loved ones. She always expects the best effort out of her friends and is an “all or nothing” kind of person. Don’t let her near hot sauce; she’ll short herself out drinking the whole bottle!

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

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SALIENT- New KASAI OG01 Voicebank, Release Date, & Contest

KASAI OG01 SALIENT will be releasing on May 15th, 2021 to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

SALIENT is a huge accomplishment for STUDIO OGIEN. To celebrate her release, we will be holding a small contest!

An art contest will be held by STUDIO OGIEN from today until May 31st, 2021. Art must feature KASAI OG01 in her SALIENT outfit (reference sheet on Kasai’s page). Members of STUDIO OGIEN not competing will act as the judges. Entries will be judged by originality and ties to the theme.


Rebirth, renewal, freedom

Kasai SALIENT Boxart Preview


Three winners will be chosen, and all three will receive a free physical copy of KASAI OG01 SALIENT’s new boxart! So long as your country can receive mail from the United States and you are 18 or older (or have parental permission), you can participate!

We ask you to keep your entries appropriate for all ages (NO R-18). Winners announced June 5th. Prizes will be shipped in early July.

Show us your art on Twitter!

KASAI OG01 SALIENT – UTAU Release Date & More!

We are incredibly excited to announce that the KASAI OG01 SALIENT UTAU release will be public in early May 2021!

A unique Voicebank for the UTAU Vocal Synthesizer Engine, we hope using her will be a fun experience for all!

Voicebank Properties for KASAI OG01 SALIENT:

The UTAU release of KASAI OG01 SALIENT is an all-in-one Japanese VCV Voicebank that possesses both Multi-pitch and Multi-expression voices. This Voicebank has three timbres that are 4 pitches each (A3~C5), making SALIENT a total of 12 VCVs. The three timbres can be used all in one track by utilizing the SuffixBroker. SALIENT’s three expressions are:

“Original”: Normal voice with a cutesy, over-pronounced property.
“Tender”: Gentle whisper voice.
“Wild”: A sharp power bank.

SALIENT also has some fun add-ons, including several breaths (intake and outtake), western L notes (all timbres, all pitches), a Growl CV bank (Mono-pitch), Vocal Fry (sounds best used with Original/Tender, 4 pitch), and Glottal Stops (all timbres, all pitches).


Using SALIENT is easy, and it is similar to our other OGIENOID Multi-expression and Multi-pitch Voicebanks. No additional effort is required to use the Multi-pitch function, as it is already configured by our team for plug-and-play use. Using different expressions is the same as our previous releases; Original is the default voice, and you can use the up and down arrows (“↑” and “↓”) with UTAU’s built-in SuffixBroker to use Wild and Tender, respectively.

SALIENT’s extras, however, require a little more effort. We are including new suffixes to separate these extras, but SALIENT’s oto follows many other popular UTAU’s examples.


We are striving to create new video tutorials in the coming weeks on how to use the OGIENOIDs, especially their upcoming Multi-pitch, Multi-expression voices. Many people benefit from learning through visuals and audio rather than text, and we want to meet those needs!

New Outfit & Logo!

KASAI OG01’s new outfit for SALIENT brings a fresh new take on her Original design. We wanted to create a general “upgraded” feel, but still, retain the charm of her CV clothing. KASAI OG01’s new attire includes fabrics such as pleather, bridal satin, and cotton for a variety of textures in her new look. You may also notice more emphasis on her design’s secondary periwinkle hue, now incorporated throughout. We feel her new outfit allows her bright personality to shine through more effectively than before!

Thank you all so much for your patience! We look forward to bringing SALIENT to you!

What Is UTAU? A Brief Overview

UTAU is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame. This program is similar to Vocaloid, a professional vocal synthesis software that would inspire UTAU’s creation. Furthermore, UTAU is an independent application that is free for anyone to download and use (there is also a shareware version with special features available, but the free version on its own is already perfectly solid). The program uses .wav files the user provides to create a singing voice, which will synthesize by introducing song lyrics and melody.

UTAU, like Vocaloid, presents the user with a piano roll. Additionally, users can input notes/midis/etc. into the software, add lyrics, and tune the vocal to create a semi-realistic singer, more commonly referred to as a voicebank. Moreover, each Voicebank is unique, with its own strengths, weaknesses, voice type, range, and terms of use.​

A look at the UTAU GUI​ ​ 

UTAUloids Rise To Fame

UTAUloids have been on the rise since the shareware’s release in 2008. Certainly, the most notable faces of the program are Defoko and Kasane Teto. Defoko being the built-in voice for the UTAU shareware, while Teto is the ‘face’ of UTAU. They both have immense popularity. A small fun fact: new Vocaloid fans often mistake Teto as an official Vocaloid voicebank! Check out their voicebanks in action below.

How Does It Work?

First off, we’re glad that you’re excited to jump into creating your first Voicebank, but there are a few things you need to know first!

Programs to Create Voicebanks

Fl Studio: A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) used within the UTAU and Vocaloid communities for many years. It’s most used by these communities to mix songs/covers.

Audacity: A free-to-use DAW. It is typically used to record and splice voicebank samples.

Reaper: A popular DAW that offers a free trial period. Often used to mix songs and is rather user-friendly.

OREMO: A free-to-use program created specifically for recording Voicebanks. This program is a fan favorite for recording since it will automatically name a user’s voice samples as well as add aliases to the file name. Features a metronome and BGM function to keep recordings on time and on the tune.

setParam: Another program created specifically for use with UTAU, specifically OTO configuration. While UTAU possesses an interface for configuring OTOs, setParam offers a more intuitive interface and allows the user a much more detailed look at their recordings.

MIDI: (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Often used in music production, it is a standard file format for communicating information between musical instruments. MIDIs can be used in the creation of UST files.

Resampler: A vital component of UTAU. This engine reads a Voicebank’s WAV files when the user plays a track in UTAU or when they render it for external use.

FRQ: Files generated by the resampler to properly read the Voicebank’s WAV samples. If you download a Voicebank that has FRQ files in it, don’t delete them! The creator may have edited them manually to fix errors and glitches in the Voicebank.

Voicebank Types:

CV: “Consonant Vowel” recording format. The smallest and simplest style of Voicebank, this is a great choice for beginners to get acquainted with the recording process.

VCV: “Vowel Consonant Vowel”, blends together the ending vowel of a sample with the consonant-vowel pair of the next. While it is more labor intensive to create compared to a CV bank, it’s the most popular form of Voicebank for its smooth end result.

Lite VCV: A simplified/compact version of a VCV Voicebank with more smoothness than CV. A good option for those wanting to branch into VCV.

CVVC: A CV Voicebank with “VC” samples to improve clarity and smoothness. Easier to record than VCV, but trickier to properly configure. This recording style can offer more flexibility than VCV, depending on the Voicebank.

Voicebank Styles:

VCCV: Developed by Cz, one may refer to this as the new standard for English UTAU Voicebanks. Widely supported by the community and praised for its clarity, though it does create an Americanized accent in a lot of Voicebanks.

Rentan: A recording style specific to CV Voicebanks. Samples are recorded all at once, rather than one at a time, within the same file. After being configured in UTAU, it works just the same as a standard CV voicebank.

Multipitch: A style of Voicebank that uses multiple single voicebanks, all recorded at different pitches, into one larger Voicebank. Allows for a much greater vocal range with a more natural sound.

Kire/Powerscale: A Voicebank type where, as the voice reaches higher pitches, the recordings become more powerful. Popular in the community and useful for Rock songs.

Appends: A term originally derived from Vocaloid (specifically, Crypton Future Media Vocaloids). These Voicebanks are recorded to fit a specific theme or timbre. Examples might be “Soft”, “Whisper”, “Power”, “Dark”, etc. Commonly recorded as stand-alone Voicebanks, but may also be included in Multipitch/Multi Expression voices.

Terms To Know For Post Production

Mora: The number of syllables in a voice sample. For example, “a-a-i-a-u-e-a” is a 7-mora style recording.

Prefix map: An important file for Multipitch Voicebanks, this is how UTAU knows what voice samples to play on which notes.

Tuning: In which the user warps, bends, and/or changes the pitch of a voice track in a Vocal Synthesis software. This is done to change the way the voice sings a song in order to make it more unique or more human-like.

Consonant Velocity: A configuration in UTAU that can be changed per track or single note. This affects how quickly the consonant part of the voice sample plays. Usually, this is used to avoid a “slurring” sound in playback for quicker songs.

Flags: Codes used by the Resampler to alter the voice properties of the UTAU. They can be used to add breathiness to a voice, reduce nasal tones, make the voice sound more masculine/feminine, and much, much more. The Flags are typically defined per Resampler, so some may offer different effects than others.

Alias: A name given to voice samples in the OTO. This tool can be used to assign multiple names to the same recording, which is commonly used in VCV banks.

Mixing: The process of taking vocal tracks and combining them with an instrumental in a pleasing way.

File Types

.WAV: The file format UTAU voice samples are recorded in. WAV is the only file type UTAU will use for a Voicebank on Windows computers.

.UST: UTAU Sequence Text Files. Similar to sheet music or a MIDI file (which can be turned into a UST), this is the main file type used in UTAU to store information about a voice track.

OTO: Also known as an oto.ini, this is the file used to tell UTAU how to distinguish between the starting point of a sample, where the consonant begins, where the vowel is, the cut off of the sample, and how much of the sample is okay to stretch on longer notes.

Additional Terms to Know When Working With UTAU Software

UTAU: The name of the software, it is also the Japanese word for “Sing”.

Vocaloid: Perhaps the most well-known Vocal Synthesis program, developed originally for use by professionals. It is a commercial program that requires the user to purchase the base software as well as each additional voice they may want to use.

UTAUloid: An older community term used to refer to a specific UTAU character. Additionally, this term originates from “Vocaloid” and is in use alongside it.

Pitch: How high or low a tone is.

Timbre: The character or quality of a voice, different from pitch or intensity. Youthful, gruff, feminine, etc. could all be descriptors of timbre.

Vocal synthesis: The artificial production of human singing voices/voice-like instruments, much like speech synthesis. Common term when referring to UTAU, Vocaloid, and other similar applications. 

Voicebank:  A collection of voice samples and OTO(s) compiled for use within UTAU as a functioning singing voice. A Voicebank is usually alongside a character or mascot that represents the voice. Often referred to shortly as a “Bank”. 

Vipperloid(s): A popular series of Japanese UTAU. You may recognize members such as Yokune Ruko and Sukone Tei. They originated from vip@2ch.

Nico Nico Douga/ニコニコ動画: Similar to a Japanese version of YouTube, this video-sharing website is incredibly popular with the Japanese Vocal Synth community. 

Nikokara/ニコカラ: A Nico Nico Douga supported service that displays Hiragana song lyrics across a video.

Let’s Put Those Terms To Use!

Check back soon for a more in-depth look at the UTAU software!

Need more assistance with UTAU and creating your very own voicebank? STUDIO OGIEN has compiled resources to use with the UTAU software. Check it out here! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know through our contact form or leave a comment on this article. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Terminology and information referenced from utau.us, PRISMOID, and Wikipedia.

SPICE! – HONOS OG04 Cover Release

SPICE! up your Valentine’s Day with HONOS OG04 from STUDIO OGIEN! 🧡💛 You can download the UST on our UST page!

About the Original SPICE!

“The song was uploaded on March 6, 2008. It’s one of Minato’s early and most notable works. It ranked first on The Vocaloid Weekly Ranking #25, and on October 28, 2008, it reached The Nico Hall of Fame (over 100,000 views). The song currently reached half a million views on Niconico. Several parodies and utaite covers have been made. The song depicts Len as a womanizer and a playboy who sleeps with and leaves women and thinks love is ‘just a game’. However, although he declares himself a Casanova, he knows his inner sorrow incapacitates him to love. In the end, all his succumbed feelings spiral out.” (from Vocaloid Wiki)


Project lead: Stormi & Ceren
Art: Stormi
Backgrounds: Ceren
Video: Ceren
Mix: Stormi
Outfit design (or lack thereof if you know what I mean 👀): Stormi

Song Information:

Singer: HONOS OG04
UST: Stormi
Original Vocal: Kagamine Len
Artist: minato (music, lyrics), Hirari (illust)

This project was led by our very own StormiLove! Their enthusiasm for the project made it an exciting experience, and they put a lot of time and effort into the video.

HONOS OG04 UTAU – Release Day

STUDIO OGIEN’s first Tenor voice, HONOS OG04, hits the scene today in a stunning 3D PV release!

A mellow and calming androgynous voice. HONOS OG04’s song will soothe you.

HONOS OG04’s Video Release

HONOS OG04’s voicebank is a mono-pitch VCV style VB with a few different voice types. She boasts a soothing, androgynous voice in three different timbres: soft, normal, and strong.

The full version combines three voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in “↑” or “↓” into the UST from the SuffixBroker for appends. This makes all voices available to use in one UST, which helps to make editing, tuning, and mixing faster and easier.

The Character:

Personality: HONOS OG04 is a very strong person, physically and mentally. She has often been deemed the “rock” of the OGIENOIDs due to her calm, mellow, and level-headed nature. Though she may seem a little scary, she’s just a big, tall softy. When the situation calls for it, though, she will not hesitate to step into a fight. HONOS OG04 is rather androgynous in appearance and voice, and her interests reflect that trait. She enjoys girly things like makeup, getting her nails done, and getting her brows shaped as well as more masculine things like contact sports. While she enjoys and appreciates looking at frilly, over-the-top girly fashions, she doesn’t like the way she looks in them, personally. HONOS OG04 much prefers wearing comfortable attire that flatters her more masculine body type.


Relationships: She is closest to the other two members of her triad, VIRTUS OG02, and THEIA OG03. As the three became OGIENOIDs together, they were good friends from the very beginning. HONOS OG04, however, will admit her best friend is VIRTUS OG02. The two have a very special bond and had met before they came to STUDIO OGIEN. She finds herself very protective of the yellow OGIENOID, and the two are rather inseparable. Other than her triad, HONOS OG04 finds herself helping out AXIS OG06 a lot. Since the two are kind of group moms, they find themselves getting the other girls out of trouble rather often.

Head on over to her brand new page by clicking here! HONOS OG04 has many fun assets, including a 3D MMD compatible model and a 2D LipSync model.

Voicebank Progress

Apollo PRIME