frequently asked questions

STUDIO OGIEN is a small multimedia project. Initially intended for VocalSynth projects alone, STUDIO OGIEN's prime goal has been to develop and release many voices for the UTAU software known collectively as the "OGIENOIDs.” We are a very small operation and are not as active as we were in the past, but we are still dedicated to finishing our OGIENOID line.

Several generations ago, our founder's family migrated from Poland to the United States. Though the family Americanized, there was always a little polish culture that remained while growing up. The studio's name simply serves as a nod to their origins.

As for the fire bit, it's just the founder's favorite element; (think ATLA, W.I.T.C.H, and other shows with an elemental theme). The meaning transformed for the studio, however, as we hope to ignite passion for the wellbeing of others.

The OGIENOIDs are STUDIO OGIEN's original UTAU characters based on the Vocaloid and Idol culture phenomenons. Our goal is to create "everyone's digital divas,” a set of diverse girls with different body types/shapes, sexualities, personalities, etc. Each girl is unique in her own way, and we hope they will connect with you one way or another! In addition, we are striving to create more representation in entertainment, specifically the idol genre.

Any works portraying sexism, racism, R-18, LGBT hate, and media showing hostility towards real individuals are not to include OGIENOIDs in any way.

If you're making money from our characters, we'd like you to purchase a commercial license. This payment allows you to use any OGIENOIDs that are and all OGIENOIDs that are to come--so long as you credit STUDIO OGIEN.

NON PROFIT WORK or works for a charitable cause do not require this license!

Notable limitations to this license: Mass production of physical goods is prohibited UNLESS the goods are albums/singles/music in general or art prints. Users are not allowed to mass produce goods like plush, keychains, shirts, boxarts/boxed editions, etc., however, handmade products are allowed.

To purchase this license, visit our Ko-Fi page!

Oh no! We’re so sorry if you’ve experienced any issue with our voicebanks. However, if you find any problem, please contact us so we can correct it when time allows us. Thank you!

It has likely been retired or combined with another voicebank.

OGIENOIDs are a closed group, and unfortunately, we're not looking to bring in outside sources. Currently, we are also striving to wrap up our productions, so we are not looking to add more characters to the cast.