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frequently asked questions

STUDIO OGIEN is a small team of volunteers and friends working together to produce fan-driven entertainment. The studio was originally established as a way for one artist to collect all of their works under one name, and it eventually grew from there into a multimedia project. As it was at first intended for VocalSynth projects alone, STUDIO OGIEN's prime goal has been the development and release of many voices for the UTAU software known collectively as the "OGIENOIDs". In the future, we hope to become a proper production studio, releasing projects such as RPGs, Light Novels, and more!

The OGIENOIDs are STUDIO OGIEN's original line of VocalSynth characters based on the Vocaloid and Idol culture phenomenons. Our goal is to create "everyone's digital divas", a set of diverse girls with different body types/shapes, sexualities, personalities, etc. Each girl is unique in her own way, and we hope they will connect with you one way or another! We are striving to create more representation in entertainment, specifically the idol genre.

Any media portraying sexism, racism, R-18, LGBT hate, hatred towards any real/existing country, and media portraying hatred towards religion are not to include OGIENOIDs in any way.

If you're making money from our work we'd like you to purchase a commercial license for $5 USD. This payment allows you to use any OGIENOIDs that are and all OGIENOIDs that are to come--so long as you credit STUDIO OGIEN.

NON PROFIT WORK or works for a charitable cause do not require this license!

If you find an issue, please contact us so we may fix it when time allows us. Thank you!

It has likely been retired or combined with another voicebank.

OGIENOIDs are a closed group, as we are striving to become a business, and unfortunately, that means we're not looking to bring in outside sources. The OGIENOIDs will be used in future commercial projects and the like, so we don't want to complicate things by bringing in multiple owners with different rules, morals, requests, wishes, and equipment.

However, we do occasionally put out application forms when seeking voicers for new OGIENOIDs. If you're interested, your application is always greatly appreciated!

There are indeed plans for an OGIENOID concert in the coming future. We are striving to put this plan into action in the coming years once the COVID-19 pandemic is long behind us, we are able to save for equipment, new 3D models are purchased, and the girls have a decent amount of original songs.

Long-time fans of STUDIO OGIEN may remember our old ask blog, "Ask Atlas & Axis"! We do plan to bring back this idea in the future, featuring all eight girls, but at this time the idea is on the backburner. If you'd like to see this happen, let us know!