UST Downloads

UST files our team has used for UTAU projects.

Below you can find a list of downloads for UST files, UTAU Sequence Text, that STUDIO OGIEN has used and/or created.

PLEASE NOTE: Our USTs are produced and provided by several different creators, so please make sure to check each UST’s README file for usage details.

Terms of Use:

  • Please credit the original producer of each song.
  • Credit the proper creator(s) of each UST.
  • Do not redistribute these files or claim them as your own.
  • Before redistributing altered files (i.e. lyrics fixes, note edits, retuning, file conversions, etc.), ask for permission first. We will also ask you allow us to provide your altered version of the UST on this page, below the original.


These files are intended for non-commercial use. Do not use our USTs for commercial purposes or productions. We do not claim ownership over the original songs unless noted otherwise.



SPICE! - Download

Created by StormiLove

Other USTs

Coming soon!