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DIONE OG05 is a member of STUDIO OGIEN’s vocal synthesis characters developed for UTAU, a free-to-use vocal synthesis application. Originally conceptualized in 2018, she would not receive a release until 2022 due to complications. DIONE OG05 possesses a gentle, feminine voice as clear as water.

The character DIONE OG05 features human voice samples recorded in a calm, sweet demeanor. Her voicebank possesses a large useable range, making her an ideal fit for many genres of music, most notably ballad and soft pop. In the coming months, her product will be improved upon with expanded timbres as well as English developments.

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DIONE OG05 was the fifth member of the OGIENOIDs, originally not a member of their performing group. She was purchased overseas from a liquidation company and used as a secretary robot to try to boost her confidence. Though she was anxious about interacting with people, she took the job without question, wanting to work on her anxiety and grow more confident.

Eventually, she would wish to perform in KASAI OG01's place, as the other girl was not allowed to participate. The two became very fast friends and looked after their family together.


DIONE OG05 was originally conceptualized in 2018, though she would not receive a release until 2022 due to multiple roadblocks. Today, she is finally able to sing alongside her friends!

Personal Info

Quiet, introverted, and loving. DIONE OG05 is a very calm, older sister figure to the group. However, she can be a bit naive, and it is easy to trick her or take advantage of her trust. Though she is incredibly anxious as a person, she takes on tasks she knows are difficult for her, hoping to grow more confident and relaxed. Because of all her hard work, she has finally gotten to a place where she is comfortable interacting with people, though the idea of performing for a crowd still scares her a bit.


Middle Eastern American

December 22nd, Capricorn

Female, She/Her


Plus size, apple shape

Traveling, swimming/diving, fantasy books

Crowds, paperwork, repetitive noises

Name Origins


Dione is the name of four women in ancient Greek mythology, and translated as "Goddess". Dione is also a figure among the Titanesses. She is called a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, making her an Oceanid, or more widely understood as a water-nymph.

Why This Name?

DIONE OG05 was always conceptualized as having an aqua color palette and a calm personality. We wanted to choose a name that fit in with the other OGIENOIDs (choosing god/goddess/titan names) while also relating to water to reflect her personality.


Originally, DIONE OG05 took on a more secretary-like position not only in STUDIO OGIEN, but toward her fellow OGIENOIDs for many years. She acted more like a stern parent figure, keeping the members on track and on time for events and practices. Because of this, she really didn’t make many friends early on, only really talking to VIRTUS OG02 (head seamstress and fashion designer) and THEIA OG03 (leader of the OGIENOIDs). However, she happened upon KASAI OG01 by chance one evening, and the two hit it off.

  • KASAI OG01 - Her first and truest friend. The two were incredibly close and shared all of their secrets with one another. KASAI OG01 would entrust her with a very special task…
  • THEIA OG03 - Acquaintances. The two interacted often to go over schedules and budgets, but their relationship remained very professional.
  • VIRTUS OG02 - Acquaintances, but almost friends. VIRTUS OG02 was the only other OGIENOID she interacted with frequently, and the two got along well. With more time, they probably would have been very close.


  • DIONE OG05 does not like to sing all that much. When she tries, she’s usually rather quiet and meek.
  • Her favorite season is winter.
  • She has a type of social anxiety. When face to face with one person, she is fine. However, performing for crowds, making phone calls, and presenting something like a speech makes her incredibly nervous.
  • Her accent color is KASAI OG01's primary color; hot pink.
Dione artwork



Voice Sample

Voice Information

  • Vocal Range: Alto (C3~D#4)
  • Character Voice Type: Sweet, gentle
  • Unique Quality: Widest useable range in the OGIENOID lineup.


  • OTO: Seran

Recommended Resamplers:

  • resampler.exe
  • TIPS.exe
  • Moresampler.exe


A four-pitch VCV with normal singing timbre. Multipitch functionality is already configured by our team, no additional effort is needed to make it work! This install is compatible with both classic UTAU and OpenUTAU.

This download is compatible with both UTAU and OpenUTAU!


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