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Meet the OGIENOID utilizing crisp and vivid feminine vocals.

THEIA OG03 is a vocal synthesis character for UTAU developed by STUDIO OGIEN. Released in 2018, she is the first member of the OGIENOID character subset collectively known as “The Triad,” her counterparts being HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02. Her voice suits pop, rock, and EDM genres with a broad range of expressions, among other music types. Currently, she is the OGIENOID with the largest selection of Monopitch appends.

The character THEIA OG03 possesses a voice that inspires excitement in her listeners due to her vivid, lively timbre and unique accent. THEIA OG03’s future developments will feature English capabilities and expand upon her current Japanese voice.

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THEIA OG03 is the third member and second planned biodroid of the OGIENOID series. She was a made-to-order android custom purchased by the company. On her way to deliver herself to STUDIO OGIEN, she bumped into two runaway female biodroids. The three would become quick friends, and the two followed THEIA OG03 to their new home. Those two biodroids would later come to be known as HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02. THEIA OG03 would soon after become the first leader of the OGIENOIDs, upon their idol debut.

Personal Info

THEIA OG03 is a natural-born leader with a passion for helping others achieve their goals and dreams. She is the typical happy-go-lucky girl, ever optimistic and encouraging of others. She has what seems like never-ending energy levels, constantly hyper and energetic.

THEIA OG03 can also be quite a flirt, unable to resist chatting up a cute girl. However, she refuses to get involved with colleagues to keep things from getting complicated.


Native American

April 13th, Aries

Female, She/Her


Underweight, rectangle
body type

Springtime, butterflies, rain showers

Bitter cold, people who killbugs, waste/litter

Name Origins


The name THEIA means "goddess" or "divine". Theia is a Titaness in Greek mythology, also referred to as Euryphaessa, meaning "wide-shining.”

In the sciences, Theia is the name of a mythological planet said to have collided with Earth, resulting in the creation of its moon.

Why This Name?

The OGIENOIDs tend to follow a naming pattern, using Greek/Roman Gods, Goddesses, and Titans’ names.

Chosen for its lovely, feminine sound and its relation to the character's personality is why. As Theia is a sweet, happy girl that acts as a ray of sunshine in her friends' lives, the name suited her to a "T.”


Of all the OGIENOIDs, THEIA OG03 is closest to HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02, the other two members of her triad. Since her development began, the three were always together, so they are very comfortable in each other’s presence. Still, THEIA OG03 would call herself a friend of every OGIENOID. Being their original leader, she developed many mentor-student relationships throughout her career.

  • KASAI OG01 - Arguably THEIA OG03's best friend aside from The Triad. The two of them match each other in boundless energy and a positive attitude. However, THEIA OG03 no longer trusts her fully due to specific events.
  • HONOS OG04 - One of two OGIENOIDs she met before anyone else while being delivered to STUDIO OGIEN HQ. The two get along well, as HONOS OG04 is adept at calming her nervous energy when THEIA OG03 becomes overly worked up. HONOS OG04 could be called her most trusted adviser.
  • VIRTUS OG02 - The other two OGIENOIDs she met on that day. Both being creative minds, the two work closely together to plan group outfits and aesthetics for performances. In addition, the two frequently have tea parties.
  • DIONE OG05 - The two were never very close, as DIONE OG05 worked in a completely different department, acting as a receptionist rather than a performer. THEIA OG03 may hold secret jealousy toward her, as DIONE OG05 and KASAI OG01 somehow always seemed to be closer than she could hope to be.


  • THEIA OG03's favorite animal/insect is the butterfly. So her outfit is inspired by them.
  • Her favorite season is spring.
  • THEIA OG03's Myers-Briggs personality type is ENTP.
  • She is right-handed.
  • THEIA OG03 admits to once having a crush on another OGIENOID. She won't dive into specifics, but she claims those feelings are over.
  • She is a huge flirt but remains strictly professional with colleagues.
  • THEIA OG03's accent color is VIRTUS OG02's primary color; gold.
Theia artwork



Voice Sample

Voice Information

  • Vocal Range: Contralto (F3~A4)
  • Character Voice Type: Genki, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Crisp and clear consonants.


  • OTO: Seran

Recommended Resamplers:

  • resampler.exe
  • TIPS.exe
  • Moresampler.exe


The full version combines three voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in "↑" or "↓" into the UST from the SuffixBroker for appends. Making all voices available to use in one UST helps make editing, tuning, and mixing faster and easier.

PLEASE NOTE: these voicebanks are new and may contain errors. Please contact us if you find any issues. Thank you!


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