Atlas OG07 Official Illustration


The powerful, charming, and feminine vocal synth diva.

ATLAS OG07, produced by STUDIO OGIEN, is a virtual singer created for use with the free-to-use UTAU application. Released in 2014, she was developed as a counterpart to her twin sister, AXIS OG06. ATLAS OG07 is famous for her ease of use and smooth, girlish voice.

The character ATLAS OG07 offers a sweet, charming female voice with the power and clarity to evoke emotion. Her voice suits several different musical genres with a broad range of expressions, namely pop, rock, and EDM. ATLAS OG07’s future voicebanks will provide English fluency and improve upon her current Japanese voice.

Atlas OG07 Official Illustration



ATLAS OG07 is the 37th member of the OGIENOID series. ATLAS OG07 was an unplanned addition to the OGIENOID series created by STUDIO OGIEN. She was created and activated, without permission, by KASAI OG01. Her physical form was made from a stolen biodroid body and a few pieces of KASAI OG01's hardware. While her psychological form was created illegally from KASAI OG01's replicated software and database. Though she shares much of KASAI OG01's data, she is still her own person.

As in her time, creating certain types of robots/androids/biodroids is highly illegal. ATLAS OG07 lives in secret as a cooking robot in STUDIO OGIEN's headquarters. She and her sister were not allowed to grow up together due to their programming’s fears of overlap and redundancy. For their safety, they were kept separate.

Personal Info

ATLAS OG07 is what one might call a "Christmas Freak,” prepping for the OGIENOID Christmas Party as soon as July hits. Though she doesn't understand the religious aspect (since she's not a human), she loves the magical aspects of the holiday itself (ex: Santa, reindeer, etc.) and the time of year. Her primary hobby is baking sweets, and she always loves trying out new recipes.

She is a rather shy and reserved individual, very obviously influenced by her social anxiety. Growing up, ATLAS OG07 was not allowed to speak with strangers or other artificial humans in fear that she would reveal she was not a legal entity. The lack of contact over time caused her to be ill-equipped with communication.


European American

March 7th, Pisces

Female, She/Her


Curvy, triangle
body type

Christmas, snow, baking sweets

Hot weather, arguing, second-hand embarrassment

Name Origins


ATLAS OG07's name comes from two different origins.

The first is the Titan from Greek mythology, punished by Zeus to hold up the heavens until the end of time. The name itself means "to carry,” and it bears connotations of great strength.

The second meaning comes from the sciences. In anatomy, the atlas or "C1" is the first cervical vertebra of the spine. It is named the atlas because it supports the skull. Along with the axis (C2), this vertebra specializes in allowing greater ranges of motion than normal vertebrae, and it will enable the head to nod and rotate.


ATLAS OG07’s favorite person in the world is easily her big sister, AXIS OG06. Though the two differ and have their share of arguments, they find comfort in each other's presence. Besides AXIS OG06, ATLAS OG07 also enjoys spending time with KASAI OG01 (though she avoids her the moment "gym" leaves her mouth). Though mostly unsuccessful, she also tries to get APOLLO OG0X out of her shell by having "girl time.”

  • KASAI OG01 - ATLAS OG07's creator and "mother" in name alone. The two have never met in-story.
  • AXIS OG06 - ATLAS OG07's sister. The two grew up incredibly distant from one another, forbidden from interacting. However, over time, the two finally spent time with one another and grew extremely close. Even though AXIS OG06 is the more protective of the two, ATLAS OG07 would not hesitate to protect her.


  • ATLAS OG07's accent color is AXIS OG06's primary color; mint green.
  • Her personality typing according to Myers-Briggs is an ISFP.
  • ATLAS OG07 is right-handed.
  • Her favorite season is winter, primarily because of Christmas.
  • She is somewhat addicted to sweets and prefers them over any other kind of food.
  • Her favorite activity is baking, which leads her to become a master chef.
Atlas OG07 CELESTIAL Artwork



Voice Sample

House of Songs - Mitchie M×OSTER project

Voice Information

  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano (G3~A5)
  • Character Voice Type: Youthful, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Cute, lively.

Recommended Resamplers:

  • resampler.exe
  • fresamp11.exe
  • Moresampler.exe


Multi-pitch VCV bank. Gentle female voice.

Pitches Included: G3, A3, B3, C4, D#4, F#4, G4

No additional effort is needed to use the multiple pitches. They are already configured for the user. Please use a high Y and c flag for greater clarity. For a sharper voice, experiment with EQ levels when mixing.

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of some errors and are working on fixing them. Thank you!

Atlas OG07 Artwork

Atlas OG07


Voice Sample

Zoetrope - Yanagi Nagi

Voice Information

  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano (G3~A5)
  • Character Voice Type: Youthful, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Cute, clear.

Recommended Resamplers:

  • resampler.exe
  • TIPS.exe
  • Moresampler.exe


The full version combines three voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in "↑" or "↓" into the UST from the SuffixBroker for appends. This makes all voices available to use in one UST, which helps to make editing, tuning, and mixing faster and easier.

PLEASE NOTE: these voicebanks are considered as "complete" and will no longer receive updates.


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