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Meet the OGIENOID utilizing clear and mature feminine vocals.

VIRTUS OG02 is a virtual singer released in 2022 for the free-to-use UTAU software. She is the third member of “The Triad,” a subset of OGIENOID characters developed to be used together, and her counterparts are HONOS OG04 and THEIA OG03. Originally conceptualized in 2018, she would not receive a release until 2022 due to complications. VIRTUS OG02 possesses a clear, mature vocal.

The character VIRTUS OG02 is comprised of human voice samples to create her vivid, mature voice. In the coming months, her product will be improved upon with expanded timbres as well as English developments.

VIRTUS OG02 Official Illustration



VIRTUS OG02 is the second member of the OGIENOID series, an unplanned addition. When she was first created, she was a unique made-to-order android for the advertisement industry. Designed as a blank slate, VIRTUS OG02 had no set identity, personality, or appearance. Typically, she possessed clear skin and colorless eyes, but, when used for an appearance in a commercial, the respective clientele changed her identity quickly with contacts, wigs, and body paint. She could become anyone, but it left her feeling empty. VIRTUS OG02’s acting career came to an abrupt halt when her tear ducts stopped working, causing her to appear as if she was constantly crying. Rather than repair her, the company decided to deactivate and destroy her, but VIRTUS OG02 overheard the plans and fled.

Alone and afraid, she wandered the streets until HONOS OG04 found her and brought her to STUDIO OGIEN, where VIRTUS OG02 discovered who she was and requested a new, permanent appearance. Her love of yellow and gold would lead her to become the yellow OGIENOID, and the addition of orange as her secondary color was attributed to HONOS OG04. To honor all she’d been through, her fellow OGIENOIDs decided she should receive the “02” OGIENOID number.

Personal Info

VIRTUS OG02 is a calm and elegant lady. A lover of the arts and design, VIRTUS OG02 spends her free time running a side business specializing in fashion and jewelry design. In addition, she is an incredibly giving person, bending over backwards to make sure each and every one of her friends has the perfect, most special custom outfit for their most special occasions.


African American

August 22nd, Leo

Female, She/Her


Average, rectangle body type

Likes: Fashion design, sewing, jewelry, running businesses, individualism

Dislikes: Scaring others for fun, meat, contacts

Name Origins


Virtus was the Roman goddess of bravery, as well as the personification of Roman virtue. Closely associated with Honos (the Roman God of honor), the two were frequently honored together, such as in the Temple of Virtus and Honos in Rome.

Why This Name?

HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02, while being designed and developed, were always planned to be a pair and couple. Therefore, we wanted to pick a pair of names that were deeply intertwined.


VIRTUS OG02 is closest to the other two triad members, HONOS OG04 and THEIA OG03.

  • HONOS OG04 - Her best friend and partner, HONOS OG04 treats her like a princess. The two are rather inseparable and do everything together.
  • THEIA OG03 - Like-minded friends, the two work closely together to coordinate and create outfits for performances. THEIA OG03 helps VIRTUS OG02 keep from getting overwhelmed by helping her organize and prioritize tasks.


  • VIRTUS OG02 is a master seamstress and fashion designer. She is the mastermind behind each and every OGIENOID outfit.
  • Her favorite season is summer.
  • She loves swimming and water parks.
  • VIRTUS OG02's accent color is HONOS OG04’s primary color; orange.
VIRTUS OG02 artwork



Voice Sample

Voice Information

  • Vocal Range: Alto (F3~G4)
  • Character Voice Type: Mature, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Calm, accented


  • OTO: Seran & Infoholic

Recommended Resamplers:

  • resampler.exe
  • fresamp12.exe
  • Moresampler.exe


A four-pitch VCV with normal singing timbre. Multipitch functionality is already configured by our team, no additional effort is needed to make it work! This install is compatible with both classic UTAU and OpenUTAU.

PLEASE NOTE: this voicebank is new and may contain errors. Please contact us if you find any issues. Thank you!


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