Re-Introducing KASAI OG01

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Re-Introducing KASAI OG01

As STUDIO OGIEN continues to grow, so have our OGIENOIDs. Over time, our girls have taken the reigns on their character development. They have written themselves to a point where their characters and backstories have evolved and changed. As a result, each girl has grown since we first introduced them to you! Today is the debut of our “Re-Introducing” series, a set of dedicated blog posts aimed at re-introducing each girl to you, our beloved audience. In preparation for the release of their story, we believe it is high time we explore how each girl’s character has changed. Our first post will focus on KASAI OG01, our original OGIENOID, and the Heart of STUDIO OGIEN.

Name Origins:

Kasai – /ka-sai/

The name “KASAI”, written as “火災” in Japanese, means a “conflagration” or a large, destructive fire.

Since KASAI OG01 was created long before the other OGIENOIDs as a singular entity, she is the only character with a Japanese name. Thus, she goes against the theme of Greek/Roman name origins that the other girls share.

KASAI’s Early Days

KASAI OG01’s earliest design vs. her current default outfit

KASAI OG01 is an android created from bio-organic matter, labeling her more accurately as a bio-android. She was activated on a cold February morning by a member of STUDIO OGIEN. Back then, she possessed a younger body, and she was “born” with the mental age of 13 years of age. KASAI OG01 is the first member of the OGIENOID series, created by STUDIO OGIEN. STUDIO OGIEN initially developed KASAI OG01 to see if bio-androids could fit the company’s needs as performing idols. However, when the company realized it could not convert her into a singing robot, it looked into other options.

Her body was an older, less technically advanced model, lacking many of the newest features of up-to-date androids. As a result, she could not connect wirelessly with other robots to share information, making her more of a stand-alone product. Because of this, STUDIO OGIEN figured it could work this “fault” to its advantage, using her as a portable hard drive to store sensitive company data. Her limited technological capabilities made her the perfect fit for the role, especially because, as an older model, she was not easy to keep track of when she moved from one owner to another. In other words, her creation had no paper trail. Therefore, with KASAI OG01, secrets were safe and secure.

Growing Pains

As the company grew, KASAI OG01 would gain many friends. STUDIO OGIEN began purchasing androids specifically for its OGIENOID project, which would involve a 35 member group of performing idols. As new members entered the walls, KASAI OG01 eagerly awaited news that she would be joining their training, but her hopes were quickly dashed. Her creators informed her of her new purpose as the company’s secret database, and the reality that she would never perform dawned on her. Her heart crumpled as she came to terms with her decided destiny. 

Though it hurt her heart to watch others live her dream, she stubbornly and enthusiastically attended every practice, every rehearsal, and live show her friends put on. Above all, she wanted to show her full support, hoping to encourage them.

The Beginning of The End

The time spent with her family was coming to an end. One by one, OGIENOIDs disappeared seemingly overnight. What was once a lively family of 35 was decimated down to 6 within weeks. KASAI OG01 watched her family members walk out the door, only never to come back. All the while, STUDIO OGIEN forced her behind its walls. 

STUDIO OGIEN enacted drastic measures to protect its performers. However, without the income from performances, STUDIO OGIEN was quickly collapsing under financial pressure. Bankruptcy threatened the company, forcing the OGIENOIDs to perform for pay. Behind the scenes, the business scrambled to find other ways to make ends meet. 

KASAI OG01 would watch from the sidelines, deep in the company’s underground lab. She monitored the interactions and trips her friends had through their security camera feeds. Each OGIENOID’s live feed was visible to her on a company supercomputer, and her hope for the future diminished every day as more and more screens went dark.

As she watched her fellow OGIENOIDs blink out of existence, one by one, KASAI OG01 became increasingly desperate to save her remaining family and prevent the collapse of STUDIO OGIEN. So, without consulting colleagues, she planned to preserve the OGIENOID line by creating three new, unregistered child androids, who she would split pieces of her being between to safeguard her friends and her company. The first child would receive her memories, the second, her database, and the third, her consciousness.

Upon transferring her being to her “children,” KASAI OG01 ceased to function, giving the entirety of her being to create the future of the OGIENOIDs.

Unconditional (HOPE.UST)
KASAI OG01 gives her life to create her “children.”

The Present

In the story’s timeline, KASAI OG01 no longer exists in the present, and she is considered deceased.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. However, KASAI OG01, as her audience knows her, is alive and well, and she has many adventures with her fellow OGIENOIDs.

Character Description:

(From KASAI OG01’s character page): Loud, extroverted, and friendly. KASAI OG01 enjoys pushing herself to her physical limits and is always willing to try new things. Though she is small, she is a short-tempered girl unafraid to get into a spat, confident she’ll always come out on top. KASAI OG01 is a devoted friend who would give her life for her loved ones. She always expects the best effort out of her friends and is an “all or nothing” kind of person. Don’t let her near hot sauce; she’ll short herself out drinking the whole bottle!

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

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