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Introducing the mature and feminine sounding OGIENOID.

AXIS OG06 is a digital diva character created by STUDIO OGIEN. Her voice was developed for use with UTAU, a free-to-use vocal synthesis application. First released in 2014, she was developed as a counterpart to her twin sister, ATLAS OG07. Later, she became the mother of the members of the YA-Series OGIENOID side-project.

The character AXIS OG06 utilizes human voice samples to create her uniquely clear and mature, feminine voice. Her newest voicebanks offer a crisp, decisive voice suitable for various genres of music such as ballads, pop, rock, and many more. AXIS OG06’s future developments will feature English capabilities and new Japanese expressions.

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AXIS OG06 is the 36th member of the OGIENOID series. AXIS OG06 was an unplanned addition to the OGIENOID series. She was created and activated, without permission, by KASAI OG01. Her physical form was created from a stolen biodroid body using pieces of KASAI OG01's hardware. Her psychological form was created illegally from KASAI OG01's replicated software and recorded memories. She is still her own person, though she shares much of KASAI 's being.

At the time of her creation, certain kinds of robots had become illegal. So, to hide her existence, AXIS OG06 became a test subject for artificial surrogacy. In this way, STUDIO OGIEN could survive on research funding while also obtaining permissions for her to exist. This research would eventually allow AXIS OG06 to conceive her own children.

Personal Info

In her youth, AXIS OG06 was a rather cold and nihilistic child, aware that she and her sister had been separated. She was reticent and analytical, as she was not allowed to talk much during her years as a test subject. Still, she was relatively obsessed with the sister she never met, dreaming of better days where the two could live together and be themselves. AXIS OG06 has always been someone that craves familial bonds.

Once she and ATLAS OG07 could get to know one another, she became a warm, protective, and rather mothering individual. In the present, AXIS OG06 has become a nurturing, confident woman that focuses on her friends and family above all else.


European American

March 6th, Pisces

Female, She/Her


Curvy, hourglass
body type

Beaches, summer, coffee, writing code

Winter, large birds

Name Origins


AXIS OG06's name is derived from the axis (C2) vertebra of the spine. This vertebra, with the atlas (C1), helps to form the skull's pivot point. Simply, the axis allows the atlas (which supports the head) to rotate.

Axis also refers to an imaginary line about which a body, such as a planet, rotates. In this way, Axis is what the planet rotates around, while Atlas supports it.


Of all the OGIENOIDs, it is pretty apparent AXIS OG06 favors her sister, ATLAS OG07. Though the two differ in personality and hobbies, they come together nicely and share similarities, specifically in their introverted natures. Since their development began at different times but they were activated on the same day, the sisters consider themselves superfetatious twins. AXIS OG06 is closest to ATLAS OG07 and APOLLO OG0X.

  • KASAI OG01 - AXIS OG06's creator and "mother" in name only. The two have never met.
  • ATLAS OG07 - AXIS OG06's sister. The two grew up distant but instantly became inseparable once allowed to interact. AXIS OG06 is very protective of ATLAS OG07, and she would die for her.
  • Yaron - AXIS OG06's husband and father of her children. The two started out as close friends before AXIS OG06 became a test subject. However, after being allowed to reunite, their relationship quickly blossomed into a romantic one.
  • YA-01 Artemis - AXIS OG06's eldest, a son that closely resembles his father. Artemis is a momma's boy, very similar to her in personality and interests.
  • YA-02 Gaia - AXIS OG06's second child, a daughter that physically resembles her. Gaia is a daddy's girl, sassy, and a bit of a fashionista.
  • YA-03 Lyra - AXIS OG06's third child, a daughter that resembles her parents equally. A bundle of joy, Lyra loves everyone she meets. She is practically glued to her mother's hip.


  • AXIS OG06's left eye is broken beyond repair and cannot be removed. She prefers to hide it behind her hair, as it is rather embarrassing to her.
  • Her favorite season is summer.
  • AXIS OG06 is left-handed.
  • Her Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ.
  • She is a mother to three other biodroids, Artemis, Gaia, and Lyra.
  • Her favorite hobby is coding, and she loves to create websites and simple programs.
  • AXIS OG06's accent color is ATLAS OG07's primary color; pink.
Kasai IGNITE UTAU artwork



Voice Information

  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano (G3~A5)
  • Character Voice Type: Mature, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Clear, lively
  • OTO: Infoholic


AXIS OG06's first English voicebank with a Northern American accent. TERRAα is not quite a finished product, and it is to serve as a placeholder at this time for the full release down the road. The finalized TERRA voicebank will feature multiple pitches recorded on entirely new equipment.

This voicebank is compatible with both UTAU and OpenUtau.

Axis TELLURIC artwork



  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano (G3~A5)
  • Character Voice Type: Mature, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Clear, lively.
  • OTO: Ryan-kun12

This voicebank is compatible with both UTAU and OpenUtau.


Multi-pitch VCV bank with a gentle female voice. To use TELLURIC's Falsetto bank, plugin "F" in the SuffixBroker (UTAU) or select the Falsetto Voice Color (OpenUTAU). No additional effort is needed to use the multiple pitches. They are already configured for the user. Please use a high Y and c flag for greater clarity. For a sharper voice, experiment with EQ levels when mixing.

Axis artwork


Axis OG06 V1.5

  • Vocal Range: Mezzo-soprano (G3~A5)
  • Character Voice Type: Mature, feminine
  • Unique Quality: Gentle, calming.
  • OTO: Ryan-kun12

This voicebank is compatible with both UTAU and OpenUtau.


The full version combines four voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in "↑", "↓", or "OR" into the UST from the SuffixBroker (UTAU) or selecting the appropriate Voice Color (OpenUTAU) for appends. This makes all voices available to use in one UST, which helps to make editing, tuning, and mixing faster and easier.


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