Some Of STUDIO OGIEN’s Plans Going Forward

Hello, all you beautiful people! We’ve wrapped up 2022 with a huge accomplishment; completing the rainbow of OGIENOIDs! It was a long time coming, filled with roadblocks. Still, it has finally happened, which means STUDIO OGIEN is ready to begin a new chapter, focusing on exciting new projects and expanding our girls to new languages already in the plans. Keep reading to see what’s coming!

Plans for Internal Change

At STUDIO OGIEN, we’ve always been focused on providing quality content to our community, and we are so honored and humbled that we can say we have a community at all. With that said, we do want to be transparent with you all. Our studio is downsizing. Initially, we started out as one person who worked with individuals as collaborations came up. We are going back to a very similar model, and going forward, we’ll be treating the studio as a hobby rather than a mission.

In simpler terms, the amount of time we can put in has lessened as many of our members have increased outside responsibilities. This reality paired with the pressure to constantly put out new content has just made the internal passion for this project difficult to maintain. Plainly speaking, we’re all just exhausted all of the time, and I think it’s been time to realize that fact for a while. We are encouraging our members to pursue their personal passions and hobbies rather than ours.

While these plans may sound grim, there is no reason to worry. The STUDIO OGIEN flame still burns bright, and we have many things planned for years to come. The team just wanted to inform all fans of the OGIENOIDs, as this downsizing means we will take much longer to put out anything new. Our goal moving forward is going to be a focus on quality over quantity, and enjoyability over competition. Playing the numbers game just isn’t what we’re about.

As of 2023, we are also switching focuses almost entirely. For more exciting plans on what you can expect from us, keep on a scrollin’!

The Ultimate Goal For Voicebank Production

Ideally, our ultimate goal is for each OGIENOID to possess a wide useable range and at least two languages. Eventually, we want to get to a point where we can consider the OGIENOIDs as “complete” with no plans to re-record or record different voicebank styles (ex: CV & VCV). We may choose in the future to add new languages depending on interest in the community or the voice provider’s general enthusiasm. As it stands right now, this is the full breakdown of our plans:

  • Each OGIENOID is set to receive a SALIENT-style Japanese VB which includes:
    • Tri/Quadpitch normal, soft, and power voicebanks, depending on the difficulty to record said voice. (Ex: Apollo PRIME is expected to be a very difficult voicebank to record, so each append/timbre may end up as tripitch instead of the pre-established quadpitch).
    • glottal stops
    • vocal fry
    • growl
  • Some OGIENOIDs may receive Goddess voicebanks
    • Now that’s a blast from the past! One particular voice provider has expressed interest in doing this, and we’re very excited to see if it comes to fruition~
  • Each OGIENOID is set to receive VCCV English
    • Monopitch voicebanks, three timbre (normal, soft, strong). This is the plan for what the VCCV Alpha banks we produce (like Kasai IGNITE Alpha) will evolve into for their full release.
    • There may be a possible expansion to make those timbres into tripitch later on. This will depend on the availability of each voice provider.
    • We want to research more about VCCV additions, such as vocal fry, and may be able to include those later on as well.

Voicebank Production: What Comes Next

After these goals reach fruition, we will consider each language as complete and finalize development. However, we will still add additions to these completed voicebanks as add-on downloads. As the community develops new and interesting ways to use UTAU voicebanks, we will do our best to keep the OGIENOIDs as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

Citing the above, we consider KASAI OG01 as having completed her journey with the Japanese language for UTAU. It is only English development for her from here on out. After IGNITE hits completion, KASAI OG01 will also achieve completion status unless we potentially decide to give her a third language (which may or may not happen! If it ever does, it will be a total surprise to our audience as not to put undue stress on the voice provider).

Can I Tell You Something Exciting?

Alpha VCCV voicebanks for AXIS OG06 and HONOS OG04 are already recorded! Holy smokes! Each is a normal-style voice with a single pitch, just like KASAI IGNITE Alpha. We’ve decided to name these voicebanks TERRA (Axis) and SOL (Honos).

The next step is to get the voicebanks OTOd and debut their Alpha artwork. Depending on where we outsource the OTO process, these voicebanks could be out quickly. That would be an excellent way to start off 2023! Later in the year, we will focus on expanding HONOS SOL Alpha, as her VP has been hard at work recording more VCCV samples.

We can promise THREE new voicebanks this year, two of them VCCV English! We’re hoping for more, but let’s start off small!

We are currently working on an improved vocal booth/studio revamp before proceeding. For the time being, we are taking a little break from recording. This affects all voices but HONOS OG04, as her Voice Provider records in a different location. Yes, that is correct, 7/8 OGIENOIDs are recorded in-house, and four of those are recorded by one person (which is why updates to the original four, Kasai/Axis/Atlas/Apollo, take longer to produce).

There’s a very real possibility we may put a pause on SALIENT-style releases in favor of more Alpha English VCCV as well. However, that will be a later decision (if we get that far!).

Plans for More Contests And Events!

We want to get back to giving the community more opportunities to be involved in the process of producing OGIENOIDs! KASAI SALIENT really re-ignited our love for doing so, and we feel we can finally put more energy into fun festivities. The release for HONOS ELITE will have a contest of its own. More information on that one is coming soon!

Expanding The OGIEN Universe And Creating More Original Content

Now that our rainbow is complete, we are eager to focus our attention on the OGIENOIDs as characters rather than just voices and fun facts. Our intent has never been for the girls to be solely instruments. We’re excited to explore their story and share it with you in the coming months!

We are setting our sights on first putting out HONOS ELITE and the new VCCV Alpha banks, then, once these voicebanks are out, we will officially be switching our focus to (almost) entirely original content. Our main YouTube channel will no longer feature covers after this point. Still, there may be an exception or two depending on the situation. Covers will still be found on our SoundCloud account. With more English voices, we plan to shy away from our girls being seen as a simple cover group.

Here’s to a new chapter for the OGIENOIDs and STUDIO OGIEN!

I’m sure many of you may feel as if this is the closing of a chapter, and that you might be near the end of this story. I want to personally thank you all for your support over the years as we completed our rainbow, and I want to reassure you all… The OGIENOIDs aren’t going anywhere. We will continue to expand on their world (and many others, mind you) as time goes on, and we are hoping you’ll join us for this journey.

We’re excited to put out more genuine works from the heart, focusing on more complex (and mature) content. We want this studio to go back to being that… A studio, with creativity, art, and enjoyment being the main focuses. We hope you are just as excited as we are about the future!

The Future of STUDIO OGIEN

I think it’s time for a heart-to-heart.

2015, the year that STUDIO OGIEN came to be, is a year that means a lot to me and my team. KASAI OG01. The beginning of our story. We’ve grown so much, adding on new OGIENOIDs, new team members, and making everlasting relationships within our small UTAU based community. We couldn’t have come this far without you.

Firstly, we want to say thank you. Thank you for staying by our side all these years. We are so happy to have our community by our side as we continue to bring more OGIENOIDs into the world. We just want to let you all know how much we appreciate each and every one of you.

STUDIO OGIEN has begun to experience a resurgence of energy in the past two years. While we are not quite what we were back in 2015-2018 (due to life changes and growing adult responsibilities), we are slowly becoming more excited to work on projects again. Let me be the first to say, we are so excited to ride this wave with you all! All of that to say . . .


We’d like to start off our new year by introducing our team! If you haven’t seen our social media lately, you may not know that we recently re-introduced the team! It’s been a while and we have added some new faces. We hope you treat them well!

Founder, Director

Audio Engineer

3D Asset Specialist

Media Production Specialist

Media Production Specialist

Misc. Asset Specialist

Content Editor

PR Manager, Content Curator




  • IGNITE English voicebank in Alpha. Full release late 2022.


  • Base voicebank in full production. Releasing this year.


  • MONARCH Voicebank in production.


  • VALOR, name changed to ELITE, Voicebank official release soon.


  • Base voicebank in full production. Releasing this year.


  • ULTIMATE voicebank in production. Scheduled for release this year.


  • SUPREME voicebank in production. Scheduled for release this year.


  • PRIME voicebank is production. Scheduled for release this year.

These are just some of the projects that are coming to the forefront of STUDIO OGIEN’s plan. We even have some comics and light novel content coming your way soon. We are so excited to show you everything we have been working on! We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we have planned.


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Sneak Peek of STUDIO OGIEN’s 2022


Is it already nearing the end of our brief hiatus? The time has flown by, but as a team, STUDIO OGIEN has made valiant strides of progress through it. It’s now time for us to shine some light on our progress with a sneak peek!

This brief blog post is just to let you beautiful humans know what you can expect from us in 2022~!

So, What’s New?

Over the break, we created a calendar of all our future plans, and let me personally tell you, it’s a lot! We have recording sessions, blog posts, voicebank releases, and even more on the roster for this year. Now, what those releases are for and who is being recorded, I’ll leave that up to a surprise.

Social Impacts

We’ve maintained a steady flow of updates to all of our social media accounts over the break, which we strive to continue in the new year. During the hiatus, we were even able to get the Community tab on our YouTube which was a huge goal of ours!

Oh, All Right. I’ll Give You an Actual Sneak Peek

A minimum of four, yes FOUR(4), new voicebanks will be available by the end of 2022! We have really been striving to give you all more of our beautiful girls and I think we finally have been able to do it!

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Download and Install UTAU

Hi everyone! 

Today, I will be going over the process of how to download and install the UTAU software onto your computer. This will be a learning experience for all of us! I have no idea what I’m doing, but Ceren is here to help me along the way, and I can help teach you all how to properly install the software without a hitch! (Well, there may be a hitch, but I won’t tell you about that…)

Changing Your System Locale

So, we need to do this thing in order to properly run the UTAU software. Before you try to skip this step, your UTAU software will read in gibberish when opened without doing this step. I know, we just wanna get to the fun stuff, but we have to do this for the ship to have smooth sailing. 

What does changing your system locale mean? All it means is that we are changing the locale for non-Unicode programs (I don’t know man, I’m just a writer. After some googling it appears that it’s just a term for readable character data.) from English to Japanese. 

If your PC doesn’t have Japanese already installed, head over to your Settings, select Language, then Add a Language. From this point, type Japanese into the pop-up box, select it, and hit the Next button. Next, deselect the “Set as my Windows display language” unless you wanna roll like that. You do you boo! But, if you want to keep your display language English, deselect that option. Last but not least, click that Install button!

Let’s actually change your system locale (for Windows)!

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Select the “Clock, Language, and Region” option
  3. Select “Region and Language”
  4. A window should pop up. Select the tab that is labeled “Administrative”
  5. Select “Change System Locale”
  6. A dropdown list will appear. Scroll until you find Japanese, then select it. 

BOOM SHAKA LAKA! UTAU should now be able to read UST’s correctly!

Have concerns? No worries, I did too. Changing the System Locale will affect how your backslash (\) is displayed, causing it to look like a yen symbol in some programs. I mean, it’s not like I use that in my writing or anything…..But,  I digress; let’s move on. 

Time to Download the UTAU Program

Now that our system can now register Japanese, let’s download the software! I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t understand much Japanese. Throw some French at me, then maybe. Anyways, we need to head over to this lovely website: http://utau2008.xrea.jp/, which will lead you directly to download the software.

When you get to the website, there will be some links followed by Japanese text. All you need to do is click the link that says v0.(latest version number) zipアーカイブ. This will launch a zip file, which you can unzip in your desired location on your computer.

This will open the fully operational version of the UTAU software. However, it will be entirely in Japanese. As I said earlier, I can no read that. How can this be fixed? There is an English patch available for us Western fans to utilize, which can be found here: http://utau.wikia.com/wiki/UTAU_wiki:UTAU_GUI_Translation.

We need to create a new folder within the UTAU(version number) folder you have with this patch. Create a new folder and name it “res.” Once this is done, unzip the English patch file into this new “res” folder. 

We Made It!

That’s…that’s it. We did it! We all now have a fully functional version of English UTAU to create new UTAUloids and make songs! 

As a note of caution: if you try to pull the UTAU icon out of the folder and launch it, it will run in the default Japanese language. To stop this from happening, you need to keep the icon with the English patch in the folder. If you want to launch via the program icon, you can drag the icon to the taskbar/dock of Windows or go into the UTAU folder and click the icon there. 

Thanks for joining this adventure with me! I’ll be back soon with more learning about the UTAU program. So we can navigate this exciting new world together. 

Until next time!

Introducing DIONE OG05, The Newest OGIENOID

This week’s post hones in on our newest OGIENOID, DIONE OG05! Though she has been a work in progress since 2018, several roadblocks have kept her from arriving. However, we are assuming her release, finally, will be in 2022. In anticipation, let’s learn more about her character!

Name Origins

Dione – /daɪˈoʊniː/

Dione Pronounciation

The name Dione refers to four women in ancient Greek mythology, and is translated as “Goddess”. Dione is also a figure among the Titanesses. She is called a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, making her an Oceanid, or more widely understood as a water-nymph. 

DIONE OG05 was always conceptualized as having an aqua color palette and a calm personality. We wanted to choose a name that fits in with the other OGIENOIDs. The name also relates to water, reflecting her personality. 


DIONE OG05 was the fifth OGIENOID, originally not a member of their performing group. She was purchased overseas from a liquidation company and used as a secretary robot to try to boost her confidence. Though she was anxious about interacting with people, she took the job without question. She wanted to work on her anxiety and grow more confident.


As a member of management rather than a performer, DIONE OG05 found it rather difficult to make friends. Though she interacted with the OGIENOIDs frequently, she never found herself very close to any particular person. Officially, DIONE OG05 was not an OGIENOID either, so the rift felt rather wide to her. The member she found herself closest to was THEIA OG03, the leader of the singers. The two would work together frequently to plan and schedule.

Over time, DIONE OG05 would notice a girl with black hair sneaking into performances and practice. There were nearly 30 performers at the time, but she did not recognize this person. After watching her for a few weeks, and asking the OGIENOIDs about her, she determined that her was named KASAI. After asking around, DIONE learned that she was not supposed to be anywhere near the performing group. Afterward, she followed KASAI into a concert one evening.

She sat next to Kasai at the performance and she took the opportunity to scold Kasai for being out in public. After a hushed argument, KASAI left with her willingly. DIONE, noticing that KASAI seemed crushed, offered an alternative to viewing the performance. From then on, the two began to watch the concerts together from the safety of a security surveillance room. Before they knew it, they became very fast friends.

For many years, DIONE would sneak the two into the building’s concert hall at night, performing songs and dancing for the empty seats to fulfill KASAI’s dreams of becoming an OGIENOID in what little ways she could.

Desperate Times

As new regulations came into effect, coerced into law by big corporations, the small company found itself crumbling under the weight of anti-robot customs. One by one, their friends began to disappear under suspicious circumstances. Desperate to keep the company afloat and potentially find their lost friends, The Triad (THEIA OG03, VIRTUS OG02, and HONOS OG05) pushed on, performing at any opportunity. 

After many years of practicing in secret with KASAI, DIONE OG05 decided to step up to the plate, taking the spot of missing performers alongside The Triad. In a way, she hoped her appearing on stage would give KASAI hope, as she watched the girl practically waste away to the grief of losing her friends. DIONE OG05 hoped that, in some way, this would grant one of KASAI’s many wishes.


Over the next few months, she noticed that KASAI became increasingly distant. As DIONE became busy with her work, she noticed she was losing track of KASAI’s schedule, whereabouts, and habits. When she did manage to bump into her, KASAI declined invitations to hang out, saying she was always busy these days with top security measures for the company. She no longer watched performances, either. Worried, DIONE attempted to approach her several times with no luck. 

With performing on stage, DIONE was also letting her management duties slip. One night while catching up, she noticed that a shocking amount of equipment was missing and orders placed without her knowledge. No one was sure where these items were, but, one night, an employee approached her about a discovery in the company basement. Someone had been creating a lab, and, for some reason, they’d been given clearance to do so without informing anyone but the company’s owners.

Perplexed, DIONE would check out the room from time to time, a bit offended she was not kept in the loop. She noticed KASAI frequently slipping into the room as well. This went on for weeks. Finally, fed up, DIONE OG05 confronted her but was much too late…

The Present

In the story’s timeline, DIONE OG05 has been missing for several years. No one is quite sure where she is or if she’s even alive.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. As her audience knows her, DIONE OG05 has grown in confidence and now performs alongside her friends!

Character Description:

Quiet, introverted, and loving. DIONE OG05 is a very calm, older sister figure to the group. However, she can be a bit naive, and it is easy to trick her or take advantage of her trust. Though she is incredibly anxious as a person, she takes on tasks she knows are difficult for her, hoping to grow more confident and relaxed. Because of all her hard work, she has finally gotten to a place where she is comfortable interacting with people, though the idea of performing for a crowd still scares her a bit.

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

Are you curious about the other OGIENOIDs? Visit our news page to read our past posts! Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our blog releases. Similarly, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for more news on our social media.

KASAI English VCCV “IGNITEα” Alpha Release

Today, we are excited to present the first English VCCV UTAU Voicebank for the OGIENOID lineup! Introducing KASAI IGNITEα, KASAI OG01’s first official English voice. 


Released as an Alpha voicebank, KASAI IGNITEα serves as testing grounds for our future releases. Providing IGNITEα as an Alpha release allows us to test out the girls in a new tongue, as well as provide a fun new voicebank for our audience to use! 

IGNITEα is not quite a finished product, and it is to serve as a placeholder at this time for the full release down the road. The finalized IGNITE voicebank will feature multiple pitches recorded on entirely new equipment. For now, we’re tired of waiting, and we want to show our audience that we still have plans to grow for the future! We are releasing IGNITEα as proof that we are still here, working hard, for tomorrow.

What is VCCV?

VCCV is best known as the Western UTAU community’s English standard. Originally developed by long-time community member Cz, VCCV English includes custom aliases, phonetics, OTO, and custom UST’ing methods. 

Where to download KASAI IGNITEα

You can download the new voicebank on KASAI OG01’s homepage.

How to use VCCV English

We truly can’t describe how to use a base VCCV bank better than the creator of the method. A variety of in-depth tutorials created by VCCV’s author, Cz, are available on their YouTube channel.

To use KASAI IGNITEα, we recommend you follow the video below:

OGIENOID Animal Crossing Outfits

OGIENOID Animal Crossing Outfits and Accessories!

OGIENOID Outfits All Hung Up!

While our Minecraft skins are a one-and-done upload, you’ll need some extra supplies to complete the look for each OGIENOID in Animal Crossing. You are, of course, absolutely welcome to interpret their designs as you see fit in-game! These are just our ~official suggestions~ for what you’ll need:


KASAI OG01’s Animal Crossing Outfit Set

KASAI’s outfit doesn’t require much to make it work! We prefer using Skin #2 with this design, as well as a short, wavy bob, matched with a set of light blue eyes.

To complete the look, we suggest a pair of opaque, black tights as well as black ballerina shoes.

We also have a recommendation based on a new hairstyle! With the new update, we will be sporting the do below for KASAI:

Coming soon!


HONOS OG04’s Animal Crossing Outfit Set

HONOS’s outfit is also rather simple. We prefer using skin #4 paired with a messy, short do. We love the small-pupil eyes in purple as well!

To complete the set, a pair of navy blue slacks and white cowboy boots bring it all together!


VIRTUS OG02 Animal Crossing Outfit Set

VIRTUS’s outfit has some hidden gems and a lot left up to interpretation. We feel that skin #6 represents her the best out of AC’s options, and we’ve matched the skin tone on her dress to it. The sharp, diamond-shaped eyes in orange represent her elegance quite well. For her hair, we go back and forth between styles but like to see loose hairs in her face. Both the lighter blonde and golden blonde work well for her.

For a while, we believed this outfit to be one-and-done, but quickly discovered that shoes and tights are necessary when sitting down! We recommend the white everyday tights as well as the black vinyl round-toed pumps. Her glasses are up for interpretation, as there are just too many different choices to pick from.

Our new favorite hairstyle for VIRTUS will also be included in the coming update!

Coming soon!


AXIS OG06 Animal Crossing Outfit Set

Here comes AXIS! For settings, we like skin #1, a green wavy bob, and, like VIRTUS, a pair of sharp, diamond eyes. As an alternative to her hair, we recommend the lolita wig with a black gothic headdress. We do wish the new update would give us a more proper hair color for AXIS, but, alas, it doesn’t seem it’s coming this time!

To complete the look, we suggest the black everyday tights, black vinyl round-toed pumps, and the black ribbon!


DIONE OG05 Animal Crossing Outfit Set

Skin #6 fits our aqua girl the best, we feel. Paired with a set of pink, sad eyes and a face-framing hairstyle, she’s ready for a day at the beach! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a proper hair accessory. Hopefully, we’ll see something in a future update!

For the finishing touches, the black everyday tights and black vinyl round-toed pumps will complete the look!


APOLLO OG0X Animal Crossing Outfit Set

Well, she sure looks happy here, doesn’t she? Skin #5 is our pick for APOLLO. A pair of true blue eyes coupled with the bun or ponytail hairstyle in silver is a perfect fit for our futuristic girl!

Black everyday tights, black vinyl round-toed pumps, and a good ol’ giant ribbon really bring APOLLO OG0X to life here!


THEIA OG03 Animal Crossing Outfit Set

Our butterfly lover also sports skin #5, matched with a light purple bob and golden eyes. Can’t forget those freckles!

Our favorite accessories for THEIA include black everyday tights, black vinyl round-toed pumps, and a bun wig. We think either white or purple could work for the wig, so use your best judgment!

We also think the hairstyle below, coming in the new update, would suit THEIA well too!

Coming soon!


Last but not least, our sweet, sweet ATLAS! ATLAS sports skin #1, a pair of green eyes and pigtails in a light shade of pink.

Like many of the other girls, this outfit is completed with black everyday tights and black vinyl round-toed pumps!

We hope you will have a great time on your Animal Crossing island dressed up as the OGIENOIDs!

Have a suggestion for any more games you’d like to see OGIENOID assets for? Comment down below, and we’ll see if we can make it happen!



Today, we meet STUDIO OGIEN. What is it? Studio Ogien (stylized as STUDIO OGIEN), was created in 2015 by Ceren (LadyOgien). The studio, at that time, was developed as a way for her to combine all of her stories and characters under one brand. However, as her friends began to offer their support for her UTAU characters, the studio began to grow into a multimedia project. Our team had this passion and drive to create a group that represents women of all walks of life. Together, the group has created the OGIENOIDs, a cast of digital idols created using the free shareware, UTAU. Studio Ogien has been actively creating vocal synthesis divas since its founding, with plans to expand into storytelling in the near future.

Where does the name STUDIO OGIEN come from?
Studio – a place where artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, and other expressive professionals create their works.
Ogien /ɔɡjɛɲ/ – directly translates as fire from the Polish language.

We like to interpret this as “We are a studio filled with a fiery passion.”

Current Vocal Synthesis Roster:

KASAI OG01, VIRTUS OG02 [unreleased], THEIA OG03, HONOS OG04, DIONE OG05 [unreleased], AXIS OG06, ATLAS OG07, APOLLO OG0X

There are a ton of people who are working on this project and we wanted to give them all a proper introduction!

Meet Our Team:


Founder, Director

Nice to meet you! My name is Ceren, and I am the Founder and Director of STUDIO OGIEN. I do a little bit of everything around the studio, assisting wherever I can. In other words, if STUDIO OGIEN published it, I probably helped with it, haha. 

I am a bit of a lurker. For a long time, I really didn’t want much attention on myself. Similarly, I didn’t want the studio to be noticed. It took a long time for me to be comfortable putting things out into the world. However, my friends at the studio have been my main driving force to continue the OGIENOID project, and their passion for the girls truly makes me want to work harder every day. Above all, I am grateful for all that they do, and I love my team so very much!

Let’s continue to create a brighter future every day through our efforts!

YouTube | Instagram

Astrallace / Jackie


Halò I’m AstralLace/Jackie

I’ve been here pretty much since the beginning of our little studio. I’m in charge of the mixing and audio engineering, and I’ve been responsible for most (not all of them though) of the covers on the channel.

Let’s keep creating a better, musical world!


MusicRevU / Hoshi

3D Content Director, Rigger, General Management 

Currently, I am the one behind most of the models you see dancing!! I have experience in rigging, physics, and effects primarily using MikuMikuDance. When I can, I give general direction to the team and offer other services. I always ensure to help provide the best virtual experience with the Studio Ogien group and usually the little voice in the background.

Let’s all shine brightly to light the way for a brighter future!

Twitter | DeviantArt | YouTube | Tumblr

Stormilove / Stormi 

Artist, Mixer, Tuner, UST Maker 

I help around with producing covers and doing art for videos! I try to do as much as I can behind the scenes and support the other members in STUDIO OGIEN. I’m also OG03 THEIA’s #1 fan!! 

I’m very passionate about STUDIO OGIEN, be sure to stick around to see what we’re working on!

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Inuwanforall / Inu

Video Editor, Artist

Inu is a very important member of our crew, assisting us in many different departments, including (but not limited to) art and video editing! It is thanks to her that our studio got its kick-start earlier this year. Above all, her enthusiasm and devotion have inspired us all to pour our hearts into the studio. There are times she is not available due to her personal life, but we always eagerly await her return. We love having her around and she is nothing but a joy to work alongside. 

Make sure you check out her work and her UTAU Mounono Tsugumi!

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Prismkidd / Link

Jack of All Trades

Link is another long-time member of STUDIO OGIEN! They are also an incredible, multi-talented individual who has given aid to us all at one point or another. They specialize in illustration, particularly known for their unique art style, but Link has also been known to put out the group’s fires when in a pinch! For instance, Link was an integral part of a secret project’s success in 2019. Thanks to them, we will be able to bring you something exciting and incredibly special in the next year or two!

We are truly grateful to have Link on our team and appreciate all that they do!

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Themellwis / Mell 


Mell has been a member of the studio before it was even founded! In other words, she has been assisting Ceren with character development and storytelling since the OGIENOIDs were just ATLAS OG07 and AXIS OG06. As a member of STUDIO OGIEN today, Mell still helps us with story development. In addition, she offers general support and oversight of production as well.

You may recognize her work, as she makes hilarious, meme-inspired animatics that we have featured before on our YouTube channel!

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Content Curator, PR Manager

Current writer and PR manager for STUDIO OGIEN. If you get a response from anyone at STUDIO OGIEN, it’s probably me! Hello! I work to ensure that all of our postings, content and story elements are up to date. 

It’s a pleasure to meet you!


Design Specialist

Hi there! I’m Ash, a designer, and OGIENOID fangirl. Behind the scenes, I specialize in updating logos and branding to ensure that everything within the world of STUDIO OGIEN is nice and cohesive. In addition, I currently have some animated magic in the works!

You can be sure to look forward to what is to come!

In conclusion, we thank you for taking the time to meet our team here at STUDIO OGIEN! We are thrilled to show you what else we have in the works. In the meantime, check back often to learn more about the OGIENOIDs that Studio Ogien has been creating. See you soon!

STUDIO OGIEN Is Going on a Temporary Hiatus

Hey! Woah! Don’t worry; STUDIO OGIEN will be back quicker than you think! 

There is no need to panic. Our team members will be taking a brief hiatus from September to December of this year. 

What does this mean?

Currently, our team members are going through some significant personal changes and need time to get situated before focusing on our current ongoing projects! However, that doesn’t mean we are stopping working. In short, it just means we are working under wraps to give you all some fantastic surprises. 

Some things to be excited for:

  • A special KASAI OG01 mini-release! We’ll be showing off sneak-peeks as November nears.
  • Recording APOLLO OG0X’s PRIME voicebank
  • Preparing VIRTUS OG02‘s beta voicebank
  • Recording of HONOS OG04’s VALOR voicebank
  • Starting production of THEIA OG03’s MONARCH voicebank
  • Secret secret stuff
  • And more secret secret stuff 

What? We have to keep some things a surprise!

STUDIO OGIEN would like to thank you all for being understanding and patient with our team during this time. We can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on! In addition, we will be posting some minor updates on our socials, so make sure you’re following us! 

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Welcome To Our New Website!

Today we unveil to you our brand new website! Our goal on this new website is to make your VocalSynth experience easier with a new resources page, coming tutorials, blogs/articles to communicate our plans better with you all, and, as always, many downloadable assets for our OGIENOID line. This new website has been our primary focuses over the last few months. We hope you will find it very easy to use and nice to look at!

You may notice new tabs that say COMING SOON and a few WIP pages to boot. As we continue to update our OGIENOID line, we are also in the beginning phase of expanding our productions. Currently, we are working on developing an original light novel and drafting the beginnings of the OGIENOID Origins story. As many who have followed STUDIO OGIEN over the years may already be aware, our ultimate goal is to become a multimedia studio that publishes many different forms of entertainment. We have several stories, worlds, and many characters to share with you all. We hope you will grow fond and fall in love with the universe in these coming years. Furthermore, if you are a lover of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, RPGs, Light/Graphic novels, etc., then stay tuned.

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Voicebank Progress

Apollo PRIME