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Welcome To Our New Site! +News

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Welcome To Our New Site! +News

Today we unveil to you our brand new website! Our goal on this new site is to make your VocalSynth experience easier with a new resources page, coming tutorials, blogs/articles to communicate our plans better with you all, and, as always, many downloadable assets for our OGIENOID line. This new site has been one of our primary focuses over the last few months, so we hope you will find it very easy to use and nice to look at!

You may notice new tabs that say COMING SOON, and a few WIP pages to boot. As we continue to update our OGIENOID line, we are also in the beginning phase of expanding our range of production. Currently, we are working on developing an original light novel as well as drafting the beginnings of the OGIENOID Origins story. As many who have followed STUDIO OGIEN over the years may already be aware, our ultimate goal is to become a multimedia studio that publishes many different forms of entertainment. We have several stories and worlds to share with you all, as well as many characters we hope you will grow fond of in these coming years. If you are a lover of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, RPGs, Light/Graphic novels, etc., then stay tuned.

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STUDIO OGIEN wishes you all a Happy Mother's Day! Birth mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, and mothers who can no longer hold their children. We wish you a day of love and peace.

That's right, Kasai SALIENT releases next week! In celebration, we will also be holding a contest! Click here to read our latest post:

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