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Re-Introducing VIRTUS OG02

Re-Introducing VIRTUS OG02

This week’s re-introduction post is all about the yellow OGIENOID, VIRTUS OG02! Now, VIRTUS OG02 is not yet officially released, so this post is more accurately an “introduction” rather than a “re-introduction.” Still, we’ve teased her character a bit in the past, and our goal is to bring our audience up to speed on new character development. So our post today serves as the official introduction for VIRTUS OG02 as we prepare her new voicebank release for 2022.

Name Origins

Virtus – /vɜːˈtuːz/

The Roman goddess of bravery, as well as the personification of Roman virtue. Closely associated with Honos (the Roman God of honor), the two were frequently honored together, such as in the Temple of Virtus and Honos in Rome.

We always planned Honos and Virtus to be a pair and couple. Therefore, we wanted to pick a pair of names that were deeply intertwined.

A Blank Canvas

VIRTUS OG02 is the second member of the OGIENOID series, an unplanned addition. When she was first created, she was a unique made-to-order android for the advertisement industry. Designed as a blank slate, VIRTUS OG02 had no set identity, personality, or appearance. Usually, she possessed gray “skin” and colorless eyes. However, when used for an appearance in a commercial, the respective clientele would change her identity with contacts, wigs, and body paint. She could become anyone, but it left her feeling empty. 

VIRTUS OG02 concept art
VIRTUS OG02’s “Blank Slate” Concept Art by Ceren

VIRTUS OG02 Becomes Obsolete

After 8 long years, her acting career came to a halt. Suddenly, her tear ducts malfunctioned, causing her to appear as if she was constantly crying. Rather than repair her, the company decided to deactivate and destroy her, as she was an outdated model. Unfortunately, VIRTUS OG02 overheard the plans and fled. 

Image of HONOS OG04 and VIRTUS OG02 in an alley

Alone and afraid, she wandered the streets until HONOS OG04 found her and brought her to STUDIO OGIEN. Afterward, VIRTUS OG02 discovered who she was and requested a new, permanent appearance. Because of her love for yellow and gold, she would be known as the yellow OGIENOID. The addition of orange as her secondary color was attributed to HONOS OG04. To honor all she’d been through as well as her seniority as the oldest android of the group, her fellow OGIENOIDs decided she should receive the “02” OGIENOID number.

The Present

Image of VIRTUS OG02, THEIA OG03, and HONOSOG05
The Triad Performs

In the story’s timeline, she has been missing for several years. In short, no one is quite sure where she is or if she’s even alive.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. But, as her audience knows her, VIRTUS OG02 has fun performing with her friends every day!

Character Description:

VIRTUS OG02 is a calm and elegant lady. A lover of the arts and design, she spends her free time running a side business specializing in fashion and jewelry design. In addition, she is an incredibly giving person, bending over backward to make sure each of her friends has the perfect, most special custom outfit for their most special occasions. 

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

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Re-Introducing KASAI OG01

As STUDIO OGIEN continues to grow, so have our OGIENOIDs. Over time, our girls have taken the reigns on their character development. They have written themselves to a point where their characters and backstories have evolved and changed. As a result, each girl has grown since we first introduced them to you! Today is the debut of our “Re-Introducing” series, a set of dedicated blog posts aimed at re-introducing each girl to you, our beloved audience. In preparation for the release of their story, we believe it is high time we explore how each girl’s character has changed. Our first post will focus on KASAI OG01, our original OGIENOID, and the Heart of STUDIO OGIEN.

Name Origins:

Kasai – /ka-sai/

The name “KASAI”, written as “火災” in Japanese, means a “conflagration” or a large, destructive fire.

Since KASAI OG01 was created long before the other OGIENOIDs as a singular entity, she is the only character with a Japanese name. Thus, she goes against the theme of Greek/Roman name origins that the other girls share.

KASAI’s Early Days

KASAI OG01’s earliest design vs. her current default outfit

KASAI OG01 is an android created from bio-organic matter, labeling her more accurately as a bio-android. She was activated on a cold February morning by a member of STUDIO OGIEN. Back then, she possessed a younger body, and she was “born” with the mental age of 13 years of age. KASAI OG01 is the first member of the OGIENOID series, created by STUDIO OGIEN. STUDIO OGIEN initially developed KASAI OG01 to see if bio-androids could fit the company’s needs as performing idols. However, when the company realized it could not convert her into a singing robot, it looked into other options.

Her body was an older, less technically advanced model, lacking many of the newest features of up-to-date androids. As a result, she could not connect wirelessly with other robots to share information, making her more of a stand-alone product. Because of this, STUDIO OGIEN figured it could work this “fault” to its advantage, using her as a portable hard drive to store sensitive company data. Her limited technological capabilities made her the perfect fit for the role, especially because, as an older model, she was not easy to keep track of when she moved from one owner to another. In other words, her creation had no paper trail. Therefore, with KASAI OG01, secrets were safe and secure.

Growing Pains

As the company grew, KASAI OG01 would gain many friends. STUDIO OGIEN began purchasing androids specifically for its OGIENOID project, which would involve a 35 member group of performing idols. As new members entered the walls, KASAI OG01 eagerly awaited news that she would be joining their training, but her hopes were quickly dashed. Her creators informed her of her new purpose as the company’s secret database, and the reality that she would never perform dawned on her. Her heart crumpled as she came to terms with her decided destiny. 

Though it hurt her heart to watch others live her dream, she stubbornly and enthusiastically attended every practice, every rehearsal, and live show her friends put on. Above all, she wanted to show her full support, hoping to encourage them.

The Beginning of The End

The time spent with her family was coming to an end. One by one, OGIENOIDs disappeared seemingly overnight. What was once a lively family of 35 was decimated down to 6 within weeks. KASAI OG01 watched her family members walk out the door, only never to come back. All the while, STUDIO OGIEN forced her behind its walls. 

STUDIO OGIEN enacted drastic measures to protect its performers. However, without the income from performances, STUDIO OGIEN was quickly collapsing under financial pressure. Bankruptcy threatened the company, forcing the OGIENOIDs to perform for pay. Behind the scenes, the business scrambled to find other ways to make ends meet. 

KASAI OG01 would watch from the sidelines, deep in the company’s underground lab. She monitored the interactions and trips her friends had through their security camera feeds. Each OGIENOID’s live feed was visible to her on a company supercomputer, and her hope for the future diminished every day as more and more screens went dark.

As she watched her fellow OGIENOIDs blink out of existence, one by one, KASAI OG01 became increasingly desperate to save her remaining family and prevent the collapse of STUDIO OGIEN. So, without consulting colleagues, she planned to preserve the OGIENOID line by creating three new, unregistered child androids, who she would split pieces of her being between to safeguard her friends and her company. The first child would receive her memories, the second, her database, and the third, her consciousness.

Upon transferring her being to her “children,” KASAI OG01 ceased to function, giving the entirety of her being to create the future of the OGIENOIDs.

Unconditional (HOPE.UST)
KASAI OG01 gives her life to create her “children.”

The Present

In the story’s timeline, KASAI OG01 no longer exists in the present, and she is considered deceased.

Her current representation to the public is outside of the story’s universe. However, KASAI OG01, as her audience knows her, is alive and well, and she has many adventures with her fellow OGIENOIDs.

Character Description:

(From KASAI OG01’s character page): Loud, extroverted, and friendly. KASAI OG01 enjoys pushing herself to her physical limits and is always willing to try new things. Though she is small, she is a short-tempered girl unafraid to get into a spat, confident she’ll always come out on top. KASAI OG01 is a devoted friend who would give her life for her loved ones. She always expects the best effort out of her friends and is an “all or nothing” kind of person. Don’t let her near hot sauce; she’ll short herself out drinking the whole bottle!

Re-Introducing More OGIENOIDs

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Today, we meet STUDIO OGIEN. What is it? Studio Ogien (stylized as STUDIO OGIEN), was created in 2015 by Ceren (LadyOgien). The studio, at that time, was developed as a way for her to combine all of her stories and characters under one brand. However, as her friends began to offer their support for her UTAU characters, the studio began to grow into a multimedia project. Our team had this passion and drive to create a group that represents women of all walks of life. Together, the group has created the OGIENOIDs, a cast of digital idols created using the free shareware, UTAU. Studio Ogien has been actively creating vocal synthesis divas since its founding, with plans to expand into storytelling in the near future.

Where does the name STUDIO OGIEN come from?
Studio – a place where artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, and other expressive professionals create their works.
Ogien /ɔɡjɛɲ/ – directly translates as fire from the Polish language.

We like to interpret this as “We are a studio filled with a fiery passion.”

Current Vocal Synthesis Roster:

KASAI OG01, VIRTUS OG02 [unreleased], THEIA OG03, HONOS OG04, DIONE OG05 [unreleased], AXIS OG06, ATLAS OG07, APOLLO OG0X

There are a ton of people who are working on this project and we wanted to give them all a proper introduction!

Meet Our Team:


Founder, Director

Nice to meet you! My name is Ceren, and I am the Founder and Director of STUDIO OGIEN. I do a little bit of everything around the studio, assisting wherever I can. In other words, if STUDIO OGIEN published it, I probably helped with it, haha. 

I am a bit of a lurker. For a long time, I really didn’t want much attention on myself. Similarly, I didn’t want the studio to be noticed. It took a long time for me to be comfortable putting things out into the world. However, my friends at the studio have been my main driving force to continue the OGIENOID project, and their passion for the girls truly makes me want to work harder every day. Above all, I am grateful for all that they do, and I love my team so very much!

Let’s continue to create a brighter future every day through our efforts!

YouTube | Instagram

Astrallace / Jackie


Halò I’m AstralLace/Jackie

I’ve been here pretty much since the beginning of our little studio. I’m in charge of the mixing and audio engineering, and I’ve been responsible for most (not all of them though) of the covers on the channel.

Let’s keep creating a better, musical world!


MusicRevU / Hoshi

3D Content Director, Rigger, General Management 

Currently, I am the one behind most of the models you see dancing!! I have experience in rigging, physics, and effects primarily using MikuMikuDance. When I can, I give general direction to the team and offer other services. I always ensure to help provide the best virtual experience with the Studio Ogien group and usually the little voice in the background.

Let’s all shine brightly to light the way for a brighter future!

Twitter | DeviantArt | YouTube | Tumblr

Stormilove / Stormi 

Artist, Mixer, Tuner, UST Maker 

I help around with producing covers and doing art for videos! I try to do as much as I can behind the scenes and support the other members in STUDIO OGIEN. I’m also OG03 THEIA’s #1 fan!! 

I’m very passionate about STUDIO OGIEN, be sure to stick around to see what we’re working on!

Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Inuwanforall / Inu

Video Editor, Artist

Inu is a very important member of our crew, assisting us in many different departments, including (but not limited to) art and video editing! It is thanks to her that our studio got its kick-start earlier this year. Above all, her enthusiasm and devotion have inspired us all to pour our hearts into the studio. There are times she is not available due to her personal life, but we always eagerly await her return. We love having her around and she is nothing but a joy to work alongside. 

Make sure you check out her work and her UTAU Mounono Tsugumi!

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Prismkidd / Link

Jack of All Trades

Link is another long-time member of STUDIO OGIEN! They are also an incredible, multi-talented individual who has given aid to us all at one point or another. They specialize in illustration, particularly known for their unique art style, but Link has also been known to put out the group’s fires when in a pinch! For instance, Link was an integral part of a secret project’s success in 2019. Thanks to them, we will be able to bring you something exciting and incredibly special in the next year or two!

We are truly grateful to have Link on our team and appreciate all that they do!

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Themellwis / Mell 


Mell has been a member of the studio before it was even founded! In other words, she has been assisting Ceren with character development and storytelling since the OGIENOIDs were just ATLAS OG07 and AXIS OG06. As a member of STUDIO OGIEN today, Mell still helps us with story development. In addition, she offers general support and oversight of production as well.

You may recognize her work, as she makes hilarious, meme-inspired animatics that we have featured before on our YouTube channel!

Twitter | YouTube | Instagram


Content Curator, PR Manager

Current writer and PR manager for STUDIO OGIEN. If you get a response from anyone at STUDIO OGIEN, it’s probably me! Hello! I work to ensure that all of our postings, content and story elements are up to date. 

It’s a pleasure to meet you!


Design Specialist

Hi there! I’m Ash, a designer, and OGIENOID fangirl. Behind the scenes, I specialize in updating logos and branding to ensure that everything within the world of STUDIO OGIEN is nice and cohesive. In addition, I currently have some animated magic in the works!

You can be sure to look forward to what is to come!

In conclusion, we thank you for taking the time to meet our team here at STUDIO OGIEN! We are thrilled to show you what else we have in the works. In the meantime, check back often to learn more about the OGIENOIDs that Studio Ogien has been creating. See you soon!

STUDIO OGIEN Is Going on a Temporary Hiatus

Hey! Woah! Don’t worry; STUDIO OGIEN will be back quicker than you think! 

There is no need to panic. Our team members will be taking a brief hiatus from September to December of this year. 

What does this mean?

Currently, our team members are going through some significant personal changes and need time to get situated before focusing on our current ongoing projects! However, that doesn’t mean we are stopping working. In short, it just means we are working under wraps to give you all some fantastic surprises. 

Some things to be excited for:

  • A special KASAI OG01 mini-release! We’ll be showing off sneak-peeks as November nears.
  • Recording APOLLO OG0X’s PRIME voicebank
  • Preparing VIRTUS OG02‘s beta voicebank
  • Recording of HONOS OG04’s VALOR voicebank
  • Starting production of THEIA OG03’s MONARCH voicebank
  • Secret secret stuff
  • And more secret secret stuff 

What? We have to keep some things a surprise!

STUDIO OGIEN would like to thank you all for being understanding and patient with our team during this time. We can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on! In addition, we will be posting some minor updates on our socials, so make sure you’re following us! 

Facebook Twitter Instagram


KASAI OG01 SALIENT Contest Winners

It’s with great excitement that we announce the winners of the KASAI OG01 SALIENT art contest!

Firstly, let’s begin with the artwork we received!


We love the ties into KASAI OG01’s extended backstory here! The bright and beautiful colors are very eye-catching, and the inclusion of KASAI OG01’s other friends makes us rather emotional.


This piece is absolutely adorable, and it really reminds us of KASAI OG01’s growth as an UTAU as she looks back at her past self, so very far away now. The art style is super duper unique, and the colors and composition are really eye-catching!


We love the vibes on this piece, so sweet and soft! The cloud wings are such an adorable touch as KASAI OG01 stands against the skyline. You can see the newfound freedom and joy in her eyes as she stands atop her dark past. A bright, happy future awaits her here, bright as the shimmering sky above!


This piece brings us such peace! It’s such warm, calming artwork that brings out the collected, heartfelt side of KASAI OG01. Seeing this side of her warms our hearts in a way we can’t quite describe!

Final Words


Ok, I’ve got to say, it’s incredibly heartwarming to receive work from these recognizable names. I’m pretty stand-offish and shy, but I pay really close attention to who has given love to our girls over the years. It brings me immense joy that every person who submitted an entry is a name I recognize, and I just want to let you all know how much I appreciate all your support for so, so long now. Every single entry is so beautiful.

And the results…

The goal of our contest was to spread some love, which is why we wanted to give 3 winners prizes. Depending on how many entries we received, our original intent was to add more winners as we reached a certain number of submissions. Because of this, and because, in all honesty, the goal of this contest was to spread some love, we have decided to announce all four entries as our winners, and all will be receiving a physical KASAI OG01 SALIENT box!

Our top three placements will receive an additional KASAI OG01 chibi button with their prizes. Placements were decided by several people. We had a super hard time since we loved all the entries, so it was incredibly difficult!


1st Place: @SherbetBomb42!

2nd Place: @eggsinarow

3rd Place: princeofarkham/StormiLove!

4th Place: @alex21346587

As promised, prizes will be shipped out in early July. We are currently working on the finishing touches and will be in contact with our winners over the next few days. Thank you all so much for your entries, we are truly humbled by your love and support! Please be on the lookout for an email from STUDIO OGIEN in the next few days to confirm addresses and shipping time frames that work best for you.

KASAI OG01 SALIENT – Official Voicebank Release

Watch The Release Video:

Offical release notice, how to use SALIENT, and KASAI OG01 backstory.

About The Voicebank:

The official release of the new KASAI OG01 voicebank is finally here! KASAI OG01 SALIENT is an all-in-one Japanese VCV Voicebank that possesses both Multi-pitch and Multi-expression voices.

This Voicebank has three timbres that are 4 pitches each (A3~C5), making SALIENT a total of 12 VCVs. The three timbres can be used all in one track by utilizing the SuffixBroker. SALIENT’s three expressions are:

  • “Original”: Normal voice with a cutesy, over-pronounced property.
  • “Tender”: Gentle whisper voice.
  • “Wild”: A sharp power bank.

The SALIENT voicebank also has some fun add-ons, including several breaths (intake and outtake), western L notes (all timbres, all pitches), a Growl CV bank (Mono-pitch), Vocal Fry (sounds best used with Original/Tender, 4 pitch), and Glottal Stops (all timbres, all pitches).


Original – Normal tone of voice. No extra effort is required to use Original.

Tender – A soft/whisper bank. You can use it by selecting the “↓” symbol in the SuffixBroker.

Wild – A power bank. You can use it by selecting the “↑” symbol in the SuffixBroker.

Glottal Stops with the SALIENT Voicebank:

Glottal stops are compatible with all three appends in SALIENT.

– Replace the space between letters with the・ symbol (ex: turn a あ into a・あ).

– Ends notes use ・ at the end (ex: a ・)

Vocal Fry & Breaths with the SALIENT Voicebank:

Vocal fry: Use ‘ as the suffix (ex: – あ’ or あ’) or prefix (‘あ). Drop off end notes are formatted with – (ex: a -)

Breaths: SALIENT possesses an entire folder dedicated to breaths of different types. Can be used in UTAU or in an external editor.

  • Inhales: 息, br (5 different types ex: 息1, 息2, etc)
  • Soft Exhales: ahh, ehh, ihh, ohh, uhh, nhh
  • Stand-alone Exhales: 息-, 息2-, etc.

Extras with the SALIENT Voicebank:

Western L notes: To use western L VCV notes (La, Le, Li, Lo, Lu): Add “2” to the end of Japanese R notes (ex: a ら2)

Growl: Add * for the suffix (ex: あ*).

Growl is in CV Format.

About Her Backstory

SALIENT reveals the brightest and darkest parts of Kasai…

KASAI OG01 was the first in the OGIENOID series created by STUDIO OGIEN. She was initially developed to see if biodroids could fit the company’s needs as performing idols. When the company realized it did not have the proper resources to modify her into a singing bot, she was turned into the company’s backup database.

The company would go forward, obtaining other androids to become both singing synthesizers and virtual idols. KASAI OG01, one by one, made close friends with each new member of her OGIENOID family. She would watch as they received extensive training, yearning to be part of their newly founded group.

However, no matter how hard she wished for it, she could not sing…

Though it hurt her heart to watch others live her dream, she stubbornly and enthusiastically attended every practice, every rehearsal, and every live show her friends put on. She wanted to show her full support, hoping to encourage her friends.

Eventually, her actions were noticed by another outsider, an imported biodroid who acted as the company’s secretary. This girl could sing, however, had no wish to do so. Known simply as DIONE OG05. She was a timid, tall young lady with waist-length aqua hair. She sat next to KASAI OG01 at one particular OGIENOID concert and took the opportunity to scold KASAI OG01 for being out in public.

You see, at this moment in time, a particular set of political figures were attempting to eradicate intelligent, artificial life. Biodroids, androids, AIs, etc. None were safe from the propaganda pushed onto the general public. As KASAI OG01 was a vital piece of the company, containing all its secrets, she was ordered to stay within the walls of the business. DIONE OG05 had caught her breaking the rules.

KASAI OG01 left with her willingly. DIONE OG05, noticing that KASAI OG01 seemed crushed, offered an alternative to viewing the performance. From then on, the two began to watch the concerts together from the safety of a security surveillance room.

Before they knew it, they became very fast friends.

Time went on, and the political landscape became worse over time. Humans began to fear the robots that once assisted them in everyday life, and a movement began to form among the masses. People began to blame artificial life for unemployment and degrading quality of life. Their leaders persuaded them that soon, all humans would become slaves, or worse, killed.

Those who worked and lived with robots knew this was fear-mongering propaganda created by those who hated change and technology. For a long while, the anti-robot movement didn’t go anywhere, and many consider it a laughing stock. However, during a summer holiday, a mass wave of robots began to act disturbingly, activating on their own, destroying property, humans, and each other. Those who once considered robots as friends changed their minds instantly when one turned on a human, and, suddenly, the government began demanding registered robots be handed in. STUDIO OGIEN hid its remaining OGIENOIDs, refusing to let them be the next target.

The time spent with her family was coming to an end. One by one, OGIENOIDs disappeared seemingly overnight. What was once a lively family of 35 biodroids was decimated down to 6 within weeks. Kasai watched her family members walk out the door, promising a safe return, only to never come back. All the while, she was forced within the walls of STUDIO OGIEN.

She, DIONE OG05, THEIA OG03, VIRTUS OG02, and HONOS OG04 promised one another they would survive.

Drastic measures were taken to protect them. However, without the income from performances, STUDIO OGIEN was quickly collapsing under financial pressure. However much KASAI OG01 pleaded with The Trio (THEIA OG03, VIRTUS OG02, and HONOS OG04), the three would not stay out of harm’s way. They wanted desperately to find out what had happened to their dearest friends, and, as such, refused to stay within the company building.

HONOS OG04, VIRTUS OG02, THEIA OG03, and the only other surviving OGIENOID, CIRCE, focused day and night on trying to find their friends. They managed to successfully disguise themselves for a month or so, but things changed on one night in particular.

While protecting VIRTUS OG02… HONOS OG04 died.

After the loss of HONOS OG04 and the disappearance of CIRCE thereafter, KASAI OG01 could no longer take the pain. DIONE OG05 watched her fall deeper into darkness. VIRTUS OG02 and THEIA OG03 disappeared, even though they never left the company building again. KASAI OG01 would not speak of them to her. DIONE OG05 begged her to talk, but KASAI OG01 eventually stopped approaching her entirely, vanishing for days on end. HONOS OG04’s body, which VIRTUS OG02 and THEIA OG03 had brought back with them on the night HONOS OG04 died had also disappeared.

Odd things went missing. Power supplies, sheet metal, welding tools, CPUs, blank android bodies. The weirdest things just began to vanish. At first, DIONE OG05 wondered if the company was selling parts off on the black market to stay afloat as robots became more and more illegal. She wandered the halls of the basement alone, pondering the state of her home and her friends.

Then, one night, she noticed a door with the lights on inside…

DIONE OG05 peered through a slim line of glass at the top of the door, and her eyes went wide at the site behind it. KASAI OG01 had stripped herself of her outward flesh from the neck down, connected to perhaps the most powerful computer in the entire building. Laying next to her, in what looked like incubators, were three blank child bodies. One with pink hair, one with green, and one with a periwinkle blue that was so pale, one could mistake it for white. The incubators connect to the same computer as KASAI OG01. On the giant screen, red as blood, words flashed in bolded text:


DIONE OG05, suddenly realizing what was happening, screamed KASAI OG01’s name. She grabs the handle with all her might, silently praying it wasn’t locked. It was. The woman cursed as she begged herself to override her own software that kept her strength to human levels.

If only I wasn’t limited like this-! I-I could break this door down!

KASAI OG01, tears in her eyes, stared at DIONE OG05 through the glass. She flinched guiltily as the aqua-haired woman banged on the door, screaming at her. Begging her, crying for her to stop.

However, it was too late, she’d made up her mind. Scared, guilty, and sad to say goodbye, KASAI OG01 mustered the biggest smile she could.

“Thank you for being my first friend,” she mouthed through tears. She knew DIONE OG05 wouldn’t hear her through the metal door.

In a flash of light, KASAI Vanishes, and Dione erupts into tears, sliding down the door.

The door clicks, as though it perfectly shut with the knowledge of the future.

DIONE OG05 looked up, broken, and opened it, stepping inside.

She approached the three new OGIENOIDs.

But only two of them woke up…

SALIENT- New KASAI OG01 Voicebank, Release Date, & Contest

KASAI OG01 SALIENT will be releasing on May 15th, 2021 to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

SALIENT is a huge accomplishment for STUDIO OGIEN. To celebrate her release, we will be holding a small contest!

An art contest will be held by STUDIO OGIEN from today until May 31st, 2021. Art must feature KASAI OG01 in her SALIENT outfit (reference sheet on Kasai’s page). Members of STUDIO OGIEN not competing will act as the judges. Entries will be judged by originality and ties to the theme.


Rebirth, renewal, freedom

Kasai SALIENT Boxart Preview


Three winners will be chosen, and all three will receive a free physical copy of KASAI OG01 SALIENT’s new boxart! So long as your country can receive mail from the United States and you are 18 or older (or have parental permission), you can participate!

We ask you to keep your entries appropriate for all ages (NO R-18). Winners announced June 5th. Prizes will be shipped in early July.

Show us your art on Twitter!

KASAI OG01 SALIENT – UTAU Release Date & More!

We are incredibly excited to announce that the KASAI OG01 SALIENT UTAU release will be public in early May 2021!

A unique Voicebank for the UTAU Vocal Synthesizer Engine, we hope using her will be a fun experience for all!

Voicebank Properties for KASAI OG01 SALIENT:

The UTAU release of KASAI OG01 SALIENT is an all-in-one Japanese VCV Voicebank that possesses both Multi-pitch and Multi-expression voices. This Voicebank has three timbres that are 4 pitches each (A3~C5), making SALIENT a total of 12 VCVs. The three timbres can be used all in one track by utilizing the SuffixBroker. SALIENT’s three expressions are:

“Original”: Normal voice with a cutesy, over-pronounced property.
“Tender”: Gentle whisper voice.
“Wild”: A sharp power bank.

SALIENT also has some fun add-ons, including several breaths (intake and outtake), western L notes (all timbres, all pitches), a Growl CV bank (Mono-pitch), Vocal Fry (sounds best used with Original/Tender, 4 pitch), and Glottal Stops (all timbres, all pitches).


Using SALIENT is easy, and it is similar to our other OGIENOID Multi-expression and Multi-pitch Voicebanks. No additional effort is required to use the Multi-pitch function, as it is already configured by our team for plug-and-play use. Using different expressions is the same as our previous releases; Original is the default voice, and you can use the up and down arrows (“↑” and “↓”) with UTAU’s built-in SuffixBroker to use Wild and Tender, respectively.

SALIENT’s extras, however, require a little more effort. We are including new suffixes to separate these extras, but SALIENT’s oto follows many other popular UTAU’s examples.


We are striving to create new video tutorials in the coming weeks on how to use the OGIENOIDs, especially their upcoming Multi-pitch, Multi-expression voices. Many people benefit from learning through visuals and audio rather than text, and we want to meet those needs!

New Outfit & Logo!

KASAI OG01’s new outfit for SALIENT brings a fresh new take on her Original design. We wanted to create a general “upgraded” feel, but still, retain the charm of her CV clothing. KASAI OG01’s new attire includes fabrics such as pleather, bridal satin, and cotton for a variety of textures in her new look. You may also notice more emphasis on her design’s secondary periwinkle hue, now incorporated throughout. We feel her new outfit allows her bright personality to shine through more effectively than before!

Thank you all so much for your patience! We look forward to bringing SALIENT to you!

“Say So” Cover – New THEIA OG03 Release

A new cover? Why didn’t you say so!?

Another project led by our lovely StormiLove, this time with a beautiful video crafted by Inuwanforall. This video features THEIA in a lovely outfit just for the occasion designed by StormiLove. Mix it all together with lovely background art they have provided as well, and you have one gorgeous video!

About the original “Say So”:

The original version of “Say So” was released in 2019 on Doja Cat’s second studio album, titled Hot Pink. “Say So” gained immense popularity online after a dance, created by user Haley Sharpe on TikTok, went viral. The song’s viral status would go on to inspire many covers, but perhaps the most well know was done by Rainych, who covered it in Japanese (lyrics translated by Datenkou). The cover would also go viral, as Doja Cat herself streaming it on her Instagram Live. From there, the song unsurprisingly became popular with the anime community and, soon after, the Vocal Synthesis community. Several iterations of the song as well as many covers featuring Vocal Synth characters soon emerged.

Cover Contributors:

Project lead: Stormi & Inu
Art: Stormi
Backgrounds: Stormi
Video: Inu
Mix: Stormi
Outfit design: Stormi

Song Information:

Singer: THEIA OG03
Artist: Doja Cat (original), Rainych (JP Lyrics)

Welcome To Our New Website!

Today we unveil to you our brand new website! Our goal on this new website is to make your VocalSynth experience easier with a new resources page, coming tutorials, blogs/articles to communicate our plans better with you all, and, as always, many downloadable assets for our OGIENOID line. This new website has been our primary focuses over the last few months. We hope you will find it very easy to use and nice to look at!

You may notice new tabs that say COMING SOON and a few WIP pages to boot. As we continue to update our OGIENOID line, we are also in the beginning phase of expanding our productions. Currently, we are working on developing an original light novel and drafting the beginnings of the OGIENOID Origins story. As many who have followed STUDIO OGIEN over the years may already be aware, our ultimate goal is to become a multimedia studio that publishes many different forms of entertainment. We have several stories, worlds, and many characters to share with you all. We hope you will grow fond and fall in love with the universe in these coming years. Furthermore, if you are a lover of fantasy, sci-fi, romance, RPGs, Light/Graphic novels, etc., then stay tuned.

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