HONOS OG04 ELITE – Tutorial

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HONOS OG04 ELITE – Tutorial

Watch The Release Video:

So, HONOS OG04 Got an Update [UTAU/OpenUTAU Voicebank Release]

Official release notice and tutorial for ELITE!

About The Voicebank:

The official release of the new HONOS OG04 voicebank is finally here! HONOS OG04 ELITE is an all-in-one Japanese VCV Voicebank that possesses both Multi-pitch and Multi-expression voices.

This Voicebank has three timbres that are 4 pitches each (Tenor, E3~A4), making ELITE a total of 12 VCVs. The three timbres can be used all in one track by utilizing the SuffixBroker. ELITE’s three expressions are:

  • “Stoic”: Normal voice
  • “Mellow”: Gentle/whisper voice
  • “Firm”: Solid/power voice

HONOS OG04 ELITE also has some fun add-ons, including several breaths (intake and outtake), western L notes (all timbres, all pitches), two Growl CV banks (Mono-pitch, one higher register and one lower), Vocal Fry (sounds best used with Stoic/Mellow, 4 pitch), and Glottal Stops (all timbres, all pitches).


Stoic – Normal tone of voice. No extra effort is required to use Stoic.

Mellow – A soft/whisper bank. You can use it by selecting the “↓” symbol in the SuffixBroker in UTAU. For OpenUTAU, please use Voice Colors in the editor (under CLR).

Firm – A solid/power bank. You can use it by selecting the “↑” symbol in the SuffixBroker in UTAU. For OpenUTAU, please use Voice Colors in the editor (under CLR).

Using Voice Colors in OpenUTAU

Glottal Stops with the ELITE Voicebank:

Glottal stops are compatible with all three appends in ELITE.

– Replace the space between letters with the・ symbol (ex: turn a あ into a・あ).

– Ends notes use ・ at the end (ex: a ・)

Vocal Fry & Breaths with the ELITE Voicebank:

Vocal fry: Use ‘ as the suffix (ex: – あ’ or あ’) or prefix (‘あ). Drop-off end notes are formatted with – (ex: a -)

Breaths: ELITE possesses an entire folder dedicated to breaths of different types. Can be used in UTAU or in an external editor.

  • Inhales: 息, br (5 different types ex: 息1, 息2, etc)
  • Soft Exhales: ahh, ehh, ihh, ohh, uhh, nhh
  • Stand-alone Exhales: 息-, 息2-, etc.

Extras with the HONOS OG04 ELITE:

Western L notes: To use western L VCV notes (La, Le, Li, Lo, Lu): Add “2” to the end of Japanese R notes (ex: a ら2)

Growl: Add * for the suffix (ex: あ*). You can use the up or down arrows in the SuffixBroker

Growl is in CV Format.

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