The YA-Series – Released Today!

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The YA-Series – Released Today!

The YA-Series makes its debut! A trio of children, this lively bunch is ready to take the stage.

Voice Release PV

We’re so excited to release the YA-Series today! A long-planned addition to our lineup, these derivative characters are the children of AXIS OG06 and YARON. They were conceptualized years ago, back when STUDIO OGIEN was nothing serious.

How did these children come to be? AXIS OG06, a biodroid, can synthesize “life” using her pre-existing code and databases to program a new personality later transferred to a new, permanent body. Their physical features and characteristics are generated at random using data from both their parents.

Her children started as parts formed within her as infants, and they were later upgraded to a toddler form that would grow over time. Eventually, they, like their parents, will reach a predetermined physical adult form and cease aging. Thus, their current “ages” estimate their physical build with human growth.

Like the OGIENOIDs, these children feel emotion, pain, etc. Thank you so much to the members of the STUDIO OGIEN team for all the help!

As always, the cover was mixed by AstralLace. The storyboard and Dango art were sketched by TheMellwis, lined by PRISMKidd, and colored by Ceren (who also did the last image of the parents). Finally, this adorable PV was put together by Owlnerd, who hit it out of the park! Thank you all for your help!

The YA-Series is a joint property between STUDIO OGIEN and The Mell Labs (LadyOgien and TheMellwis).

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Seran, the founder of STUDIO OGIEN, established the platform in 2014 as a medium to showcase her creative works and stories. With a strong professional background in web development and a lifelong interest in technology, she holds a particular fascination for vocal synthesis. Dreaming of becoming an author, she channels her commitment into crafting captivating narratives through STUDIO OGIEN. She hopes to highlight her genuine dedication to her craft and unwavering pursuit of art through the studio, where she integrates her love for technology and vocal synthesis into her works.

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