AXIS OG06 TELLURIC – Append Release Day

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AXIS OG06 TELLURIC – Append Release Day

Today, we are excited to release AXIS TELLURIC, a 7-pitch Japanese VCV bank for the UTAU software! TELLURIC represents AXIS OG06‘s alter-ego/other self from the fictional world of her creator. In this world, she is known as The Goddess Axelia.


[te-loo r-ik] 

1. of or relating to the earth; terrestrial.
2. of or proceeding from the earth or soil.

Information and Lore

Axelia was the first sister created by The Goddess Kassandra. As a result of being the first born, she was given dominion over things that created life in order to regulate the health of the planet and its people. Above all, she is known as the Goddess of harvest and fauna.

Later, when she fell in love with a mortal, she lost dominion over the skies and became the Goddess of Fauna and Fated Love. She met her mortal love in a place called the Eternal Garden, a marvelous garden that never wilted, populated with purple flowers.

Her followers believe it lives because she resides there still to this day, waiting for her lover to be reborn and find her once again.


Multipitch VCV bank with a solid female voice.

Pitches Included: G3, A3, B3, C4, D#4, F#4, G4, C#5​

We have included the Prefixmap, so using the voicebank requires no extra effort! Therefore, no additional thought is needed to use the multiple pitches. In short, they are already configured for the user.

However, in order to use TELLURIC’s Falsetto bank, one must add “F” in the SuffixBroker. In order to achieve greater clarity, please use high Y and c flags. For a sharper voice, experiment with EQ levels when mixing.

Lastly, you can catch the official release video here!

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