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KASAI OG01 AMORE – Release Day

She’s here!

AMORE is the second release in the GODDESS series. The GODDESS series takes place in fictional lore from STUDIO OGIEN original stories. KASAI OG01’s Goddess alter-ego/other self is named “Kassandra.”

Kassandra became the first mortal soul to achieve clairvoyance and ascend to a higher plane. For thousands of years, she watched over human souls and guided them to other souls they were meant to meet. Additionally, her guidance was heavily placed upon children and showing them to their proper mothers to be born, making her known as the Goddess of Unconditional Love. Eventually, Kassandra became incredibly lonely, wishing for children of her own. To fulfill this wish, she gave her left eye for her first daughter, Axelia, and her right eye for her second, Attison. Though she was now blind and could not see her daughters’ faces, she was never lonely.

KASAI AMORE Release Video

About the AMORE Voicebank:

​Multipitch JP VCV bank. Gentle and cutesy female voice.

Additionally, pitches included are: G3, A3, B3, C4, D#4, F#4, G4​

The multiple pitches require no additional effort to use. For greater clarity, please use a high Y and c flag. For a sharper voice, experiment with EQ levels when mixing.

Voicebank Progress

Apollo PRIME