STUDIO OGIEN @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019

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STUDIO OGIEN @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019

STUDIO OGIEN is heading the con!

No planned events, just passing through for a fun filled weekend. For the first time, a member of STUDIO OGIEN will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) in Atlanta, Georgia. With so many Vocal Synthesis events and photoshoots going in, it’s sure to be a great time!

If you see a Nurse Joy with a clipboard accompanied by a Brock on Friday, November 1st, come up and say hi to receive a free random OGIENOID button! Ceren will also be attending Vocaloid related events, specifically the Vocaloid photoshoot, in cosplay as Internet Co.’s Lily accompanied by a Kaito.

As for our buttons, we will have KASAI, HONOS, THEIA, AXIS, ATLAS, and APOLLO available to hand out. If you’re lucky, you may be one of the lucky two to obtain merchandise of VIRTUS or DIONE before anyone else! We can’t wait to meet any of you, our wonderful audience, that may be at the convention. We really hope you’ll love the buttons, even if they’re rather simple. See you soon!

Are you perhaps not able to make it to Anime Weekend Atlanta this year? Well then, no worries! You can actually obtain the same buttons from our merchandise shop on Redbubble! We have a lot more to offer there as well.

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Seran, the founder of STUDIO OGIEN, established the platform in 2014 as a medium to showcase her creative works and stories. With a strong professional background in web development and a lifelong interest in technology, she holds a particular fascination for vocal synthesis. Dreaming of becoming an author, she channels her commitment into crafting captivating narratives through STUDIO OGIEN. She hopes to highlight her genuine dedication to her craft and unwavering pursuit of art through the studio, where she integrates her love for technology and vocal synthesis into her works.

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