DIONE OG05 Upcoming Release Information

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DIONE OG05 Upcoming Release Information

Happy Tuesday!

Today, we’ll be going over our plans for the release of our newest OGIENOID; DIONE OG05. Included in this briefing will also be her voicebank details, range, and a few extras. As of today, her page has been updated once again to reveal more downloadable content on her character page. Let’s get started!

DIONE OG05’s Slated Release

If you’ve followed our TikTok account, you may already know we are teasing a May 2022 release. We are currently slating the official release for the end of the month, May 31st. This is actually a Tuesday, so her release will be combined with our end-of-the-month progress report for May. We want DIONE OG05 out as soon as possible, but we want to give ourselves ample time. We’re working to find the rest of her bugs, finalize her OTO and properly edit her documentation.

A recent teaser for DIONE OG05 on our TikTok

Changing The Formula

For the first time, we have changed the formula for Original/Default voicebanks! We’ve made the executive decision to release new characters as a single timbre. This is to keep up with our more complex releases like KASAI SALIENT and the Goddess series. However, these single appends will be multipitch, with four unique pitches. Going forward, this will be our new formula. The goal is to allow newer OGIENOIDs to show their true potential and range from the beginning, keep their voices relevant for longer, and reduce the number of recordings needed for future expansions. This way, we can create better quality voices and deliver updates to our audience faster than ever before.

DIONE OG05’s Initial Release And Specs

DIONE OG05 Default is a Japanese VCV that will include four unique pitches: C3, F3, A#3,D#4. This will actually make DIONE OG05 the OGIENOID in our lineup with the lowest range (yes, even lower than HONOS OG04!). Her voice is recorded in a calm, gentle tone, making her an ideal fit for ballads, soft pop, and other similar genres.

Her release will include a folder compatible with both UTAU and OpenUTAU. Extra files included are her full body artwork, reference image, and logo.

Most Recent Teasers

At this time, we have one short teaser out for DIONE OG05. New full length demos will begin to come out later this month!

Teaser, only uses A#3
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2 years ago

[…] share the news of DIONE OG05‘s initial release and teaser announcements, which you can view here. She has just finished her last recording session today, and we are preparing her full-range demo […]

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