STUDIO OGIEN @ ShutoCon 2014 Artist Alley

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STUDIO OGIEN @ ShutoCon 2014 Artist Alley

STUDIO OGIEN Artist Alley Table at Shuto Con 2014
Picture from our initial set-up on Friday

Shuto Con 2014 was our first experience hosting an Artist Alley table, and we are pleasantly surprised and so very humbled by the outcome! This year, our setup was rather small, but we had a decent assortment of products. Our most popular items, by far, were our hand-made clip-on horns and Vocaloid-inspired character item plushies. The table’s Vocaloid, Steven Universe, and CLANNAD prints also got some love, and we even sold out of the CLANNAD print!

Ceren, our Founder and the one in charge of the table, also entered the art contest for the convention’s badges this year. Though she did not win, her art was actually used for the Artist Alley vendor badges!

Ceren’s artwork on the artist alley badge!

We are so very honored by the Shuto Con staff for considering other entrants and using their works. We know Ceren’s badge will be treasured for many years to come.

We’ll be working on improving our set-up and overall stock for next time, whenever that may be. Shuto Con 2014 was a wonderful and enjoyable opportunity for us to test the waters and gain some experience!

Thank you to all those who stopped by and supported our efforts!

STUDIO OGIEN 2014 Business Cards
Our 2014 business cards, featuring Atlas OG07! Art and design by Ceren.
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Seran, the founder of STUDIO OGIEN, established the platform in 2014 as a medium to showcase her creative works and stories. With a strong professional background in web development and a lifelong interest in technology, she holds a particular fascination for vocal synthesis. Dreaming of becoming an author, she channels her commitment into crafting captivating narratives through STUDIO OGIEN. She hopes to highlight her genuine dedication to her craft and unwavering pursuit of art through the studio, where she integrates her love for technology and vocal synthesis into her works.

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