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PLEASE NOTE: Joining our team is for fun! All team members are volunteers that create content when their schedule allows for enjoyment purposes only. These are not paid positions. If you are interested in advertising your commissions to us, please click here for our "Send Us Your Services" page! Thank you! :)

We are currently allowing our newest members to adjust! New applications will be looked at starting in January.

Joining Our Team requires the following:

  • You are 18 or older.
  • English speaker (does NOT have to be your first language!)
  • You possess a patient, laid-back attitude.
  • You are able to handle critique.
  • Our deadlines are not short notice (minimum is about 3 weeks), but you must be able to manage your time well. Members are expected to keep to the deadlines they agreed to when taking part in a project.
  • A two-month-long trial period where we all make sure we are a good fit for each other! We value the tone we have created as a group and try to add people very slowly to not disturb our dynamic. We try to only add one person at a time. Your first two months are a no-strings-attached period to make sure you are comfortable with us and excited to be a member. Find out if you like our workflow, how we contribute, our pace, etc.! During this time, you won't be added to our team section on our site to keep yourself anonymous, just in case you decide this isn't quite for you. And if so? That's totally okay! We absolutely appreciate your interest and support!

Joining Our Team has the following benefits:

  • A fun, laid-back group that is entirely volunteer based. Our goal is to all be friends that work together for fun!
  • Few expectations, you're not going to be kicked out just because your life is busy and you can't contribute all the time.
  • Ability to create and lead your own projects within the group.
  • Equal opportunities to suggest and vote on ideas.
  • Our founder will be happy to act as a reference on your resume once you:
    1. Have been part of the group for 6 months or longer.
    2. Have taken part in at least two projects and completed your contributions to said projects.
  • Spread light, love, individuality, and acceptance!

We are always happy to welcome the following on board:

  • Artists:
    • Character artists
    • Background artists
    • *Outfit designers
    • *Graphic designers (logos, graphics, etc.)
  • Video:
    • Video Editors (Adobe Premiere/After Effects, Sony Vegas, etc.)
    • Subtitle/Closed Caption contributors
  • Audio/Musically Talented:
    • MIDI makers/UST makers (NOTE: You will be required to let us put custom USTs on our website for download)
    • Tuners
    • Mixers
    • Songwriters
  • VocalSynth Specific:
    • Otoers
    • Alpha/Beta Testers
  • 3D:
    • *Modelers
    • *Riggers
    • *MMD Animators
  • Other:
    • *Writing Editors
    • Social Media Management

*May eventually lead to a request to use your work in commercial projects in exchange for payment. Outfits and logos designed specifically for videos will typically not be used commercially.

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