STUDIO OGIEN @ MTAC Score (2022)

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STUDIO OGIEN @ MTAC Score (2022)

We’re dipping our toes back into the water of the world of conventions. This week, four members of STUDIO OGIEN will be attending MTAC in Nashville, TN.

Who Is Going

Ceren, Stormi, Artsy, and Kiko will be attending the convention! We will just be hanging out casually around the convention and may have some goodies to hand out for anyone who may bump into us. Say hi and take your pick of an ATLAS OG07 sticker or a KASAI SALIENT keychain! We are double vaxxed, boosted, and will all be masking up in proper masks. 🙂

What Are We Doing

Unfortunately, not much this year. Many conventions have a backlog of vendors, artists, and even panelists. With so much competition, and so much going on in our personal lives these last few months, we have decided to forego any planned events, booths, or panels this go-round. We are hoping to bust out a little something we’ve been saving for the future, however, and we’re hoping to make 2023 a year of conventions and travel!

How To Spot Us

Thursday: STUDIO OGIEN garb and merch!

Friday: Juvia, Lucy, and Mirajane (Fairytail), Zhongli (Genshin Impact)

Saturday: Miku, Rin, and Luka (Magical Mirai 2019), Roxanne Wolf (FNAF)

Sunday: Lolita coordinate, Byleth (Fire Emblem), ???, ???

You can follow Stormi and Ceren on their cosplay Instagram accounts to stay more up to date!

Previous Years

In previous years, we have put on a few goofy panels. If you are a frequent MTAC attendee, you may remember our members hosting Vocaloid Jeopardy! and Anime Family Feud. These were very valuable learning experiences for us, for sure, and we had a lot of fun meeting you all. However, we have made the decision to not bring back these panels for this year, but we hope our previous years have given you good memories and a laugh or two!

Future Plans

We’re going to see how this year goes before making more plans for the immediate future. Better safe than sorry!

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Seran, the founder of STUDIO OGIEN, established the platform in 2014 as a medium to showcase her creative works and stories. With a strong professional background in web development and a lifelong interest in technology, she holds a particular fascination for vocal synthesis. Dreaming of becoming an author, she channels her commitment into crafting captivating narratives through STUDIO OGIEN. She hopes to highlight her genuine dedication to her craft and unwavering pursuit of art through the studio, where she integrates her love for technology and vocal synthesis into her works.

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