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PLEASE NOTE: This is for sending us your commission info! Check below to see what we are looking for. We cannot promise you will receive a response, as we are not always in need of services. However, you will be kept on file and kept in mind! Thank you for taking the time to let us know your skills are up for grabs!

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What we are looking for:

3D Models
  • Must have an option for us to use the models commercially.
  • MUST be compatible with MMD, and must be rigged.
  • We are currently most in need of 8 bases, and you must be able to model a plus-sized body.
  • Outfits, hair, accessories.
  • These models will not be shared publicly.
Voice Providers
  • Currently in need of one (1) deep female vocal (Alto) with a sultry tone.
  • Must be able to record in Japanese VCV and English VCCV.
  • Must be able to record Multi-pitch, Multi-expression, growl, falsetto, vocal fry, glottal stops.
Graphic Design
  • Logos to use for official voicebank releases.
Character Design
  • Outfits for official releases and promotions (Appends, Modules, etc.)

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