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Voice Provider Application

Give life to a future OGIENOID.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for sending voice provider applications. We cannot always guarantee a response. However, you will be kept on file and kept in mind! Thank you for taking the time to fill out our form!

What you will be required to record:

  • VCV format (7 mora)
  • Multi-pitch
  • Multi-expression (appends)
  • Growl, falsetto, vocal fry, glottal stops
  • 12 total VCVs
  • VCCV format
  • Multi-pitch
  • Multi-expression
  • 3 total VCCVs, may expand in the future

Payment is per voicebank type. Payment per VCV is $8, while payment per VCCV is $20. Extra samples will be paid based on the total length of recordings multiplied by $10. The Voice Provider will be paid upon completion of each full voicebank (ex: Payment for all 12 JP VCVs will not be given until all 12 VCVs have been recorded, received, and tested). Please understand, this measure is to make sure we're not handing out money just for someone to vanish.

Quality Standards:

You must be able to record little to no background noise. Anything that cannot be removed post-processing (voices, animals, traffic, etc.) will be denied. A condenser microphone is required. XLR mics are prefered, but USB mics will be approved so long as they meet our standards. We also prefer you use wind screens/pop filters for your microphone.

Other Notes:

This is a long term commitment. You may be contacted in the future to provide new recordings or to correct errors that show up down the road. STUDIO OGIEN does not provide equipment.

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