A vivid, lively vocal that inspires excitement in her listeners!

Theia OG03 is a synthesized vocal compatible with the free-to-use UTAU program. With a broad range of expressions, her voice suits pop, rock and EDM genres among other music types.

Plans for Japanese VCV Multipitch, Arpasing English and VCCV English are currently in the works.

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  • 💜 Species: Biodroid
  • 💜 Model: OG03
  • 💜 Gender: Female
  • 💜 Star Sign: Aries
  • 💜 Birthday: April 13th
  • 💜 Pronouns: She/Her
  • 💜 Orientation: Homosexual
  • 💜 Ethnicity: Native American
  • 💜 Body Class: Underweight
  • 💜 Body Type: Rectangle
  • 💜 Color: Lilac

  • 💜 Favorite Animal: Butterflies
  • 💜 Favorite Taste: Sour
  • 💜 Favorite Food: Kimchi
  • 💜 Favorite Drink: Fruit juice
  • 💜 Favorite Fashion: Girly
  • 💜 Likes: Springtime, butterflies, rain showers
  • 💜 Dislikes: Bitter cold, people who killbugs, waste/litter

  • 💜 Personality:

    The original leader of the OGIENOIDs, she finds joy in helping others succeed. Though a little bit bossy, Theia's optimistic nature is infectious!

    Theia is perhaps the most energetic, optimistic individual you may ever meet! Constantly looking on the bright side, it's hard to get her down. She’s a little bit of a flirt, but she just can't help herself around cute girls! When it comes time to get to work, however, she is extremely professional and puts her feelings aside.

  • 💜 Relationships:

    Of all the OGIENOIDs, Theia is closest to Honos and Virtus, the other two members of her triad. Since her development began, the three were always together, so they are very comfortable in each other’s presence. Still, Theia would call herself a friend of every OGIENOID. Being their original leader, she developed many mentor-student relationships throughout her career.

Voice Library

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Theia OG03 - Original


Theia OG03 - Original [VCV]

File size: 272 MB

Recommended Resamplers:

resampler.exe, fresamp.exe, moresampler.exe


The full version combines four voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in "↑", "↓" or "S" into the UST from the SuffixBroker for appends. This makes all voices available to use in one UST, which helps to make editing, tuning and mixing faster and easier.

PLEASE NOTE: the initial release may have bugs. If you find any, please reach out to us on Twitter or through email.


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