2019 Updates and Plans

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Many exciting plans for this year! We hope we can accomplish them all for you!

New OGIENOID release – May

Our rainbow continues to grow! This spring/summer we will be introducing the newest OGIENOID, Honos OG04, to our lineup. By far, Honos has the deepest voice of all our girls, sporting an impressive contralto range!

Her initial release will be a set of three monopitch Japanese VCV.

MMD model releases

With Honos’ release comes a wave of new OGIENOID MMD models! All released OGIENOIDs will have a shiny, new model.

LipSync model releases

We are working hard to update each girl's LipSyncs! Currently, Kasai is up to date.

The reopening of the STUDIO OGIEN store – Summer/fall

Boxarts, charms, prints, and more to come. We will be celebrating the reopening of the STUDIO OGIEN store with a boxart giveaway later in the year!

HEART to HEART - A Q&A special featuring Atlas and Axis! – Late summer/early fall

We are working hard to make this a reality! Ever wanted to ask the OGIENOIDs a question directly? For those who have been following our girls since the start, you may remember our old ask blog. Well, it’s back, but this time, a podcast? We’ll see!

Reveals of the last two OGIENOIDs – No set date

Yellow and aqua, the last two OGIENOIDs will be revealed to all!

An original song and PV starring Axis as Axelia, the Goddess of Nature – No set date

Currently in production. That’s right, the first OGIENOID original is coming soon! More details to come in the next few months.

Details on "TELLURIC" – Coming after the PV!

The story of the Goddess Axelia will finally be told! More details to come.

Tripitch Arpasing English voicebanks – No set date

All released OGIENOIDs will be getting English expansions!

Project FIRE - details to come