The original OGIENOID. A cute and lively female voice made with love.

Kasai OG01 was the very first OGIENOID created in 2009. She is a virtual singer created for the free-to-use UTAU software. To honor the spirit of the time she was originally created, Kasai's default voice library was recorded in CV format and given a younger, cutesy voice type.

Today, Kasai offers a wider range of tones in the popular Japanese VCV format. Kasai's upcoming voice libraries, TENDER and WILD, will support Japanese VCV and English Arpasing. Plans for VCCV English are also in the works.

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  • ❤️ Species: Biodroid
  • ❤️ Model: OG01
  • ❤️ Gender: Female
  • ❤️ Star Sign: Aquarius
  • ❤️ Birthday: February 7th
  • ❤️ Pronouns: She/Her
  • ❤️ Orientation: Pansexual
  • ❤️ Ethnicity: Broadly Asian American
  • ❤️ Body Class: Fit
  • ❤️ Body Type: Reverse Triangle
  • ❤️ Color: Raspberry

  • ❤️ Favorite Animal: Wolves
  • ❤️ Favorite Taste: Spicy
  • ❤️ Favorite Food: Chili
  • ❤️ Favorite Drink: Protein shakes
  • ❤️ Favorite Fashion: Lolita
  • ❤️ Likes: Hard work, studying, working out, romance novels, chocolate
  • ❤️ Dislikes: Laziness, mustard, body hair

  • ❤️ Personality: Loud, extroverted and friendly. Passionate about the things she loves. Kasai enjoys pushing herself to her physical limits and is always willing to try new things. Though she is small, she is a short tempered girl unafraid to get into a spat, confident she'll always come out on top. Don't let her near hotsauce, she'll short herself out drinking the whole bottle!

  • ❤️ Relationships: Kasai didn't get the label "Heart and Soul of Studio Ogien" for nothing. The girl makes friends quite easily and is very familiar with every member of the team. If you had to ask her who her best friend was, she'd laugh and tell you "everyone". Though she is close with all the OGIENOIDs and treats them equally, she spends most of her time with Dione OG05.

Voice Library

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Kasai OG01 - Original


Kasai OG01 - Original and Falsetto [CV]

File size: 157 MB

Recommended Resamplers:

resampler.exe, TIPS.exe, moresampler.exe


The full version combines both voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in the letter "F" into the UST from the SuffixBroker for Falsetto. This makes both voices available to use in one UST, which helps to make editing, tuning and mixing faster and easier. Multipitch is automatically configured with the included files and needs no manual input.

PLEASE NOTE: these voicebanks are considered as "complete" and will no longer receive updates.


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