A sweet, charming female voice with the power and clarity to bring forth emotion.

Atlas OG07 is a virtual singer created for the free-to-use UTAU software. She possesses Japanese VCV formatted voice libraries in several different tones to fit a wide variety of genres and preferences.

Atlas' upcoming voice library, SUPREME, will support Japanese VCV and English Arpasing. Plans for VCCV English are also in the works.

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  • 💗 Species: Biodroid
  • 💗 Model: OG07
  • 💗 Gender: Female
  • 💗 Star Sign: Pisces
  • 💗 Birthday: March 7th
  • 💗 Pronouns: She/Her
  • 💗 Orientation: Demisexual
  • 💗 Ethnicity: Broadly European American
  • 💗 Body Class: Curvy
  • 💗 Body Type: Pear
  • 💗 Color: Powder pink

  • 💗 Favorite Animal: Bunnies
  • 💗 Favorite Taste: Sweet
  • 💗 Favorite Food: Cake
  • 💗 Favorite Drink: Rootbeer
  • 💗 Favorite Fashion: Frilly
  • 💗 Likes: Christmas, snow, baking sweets
  • 💗 Dislikes: Hot weather, arguing

  • 💗 Personality: Shy, timid and introverted. Genuinely kind to others. Atlas is what one might call a "Christmas Freak", prepping for the OGIENOID Christmas Party as soon as July hits. Though she doesn't understand the religious aspect of it (since she's not a human), she loves the magical aspects of the holiday itself (ex: Santa, reindeer, etc) and the time of year. Her major hobby is baking sweets, and she always loves trying out a new recipe.

  • 💗 Relationships: Atlas' favorite person in the world is easily her big sister, Axis. Though the two differ and have their share of arguements, they find comfort in each other's presence. Besides Axis, Atlas also enjoys spending time with Kasai (though she avoids her the second "gym" leaves her mouth). Though mostly unsuccessful, she also tries to get Apollo out of her shell by having "girl time".

Voice Library

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Atlas OG07 - Original


Atlas OG07 - Original [VCV]

File size: 157 MB

Recommended Resamplers:

resampler.exe, TIPS.exe, moresampler.exe


The full version combines three voicebanks into one, allowing the user to plug in "↑" or "↓" into the UST from the SuffixBroker for appends. This makes all voices available to use in one UST, which helps to make editing, tuning and mixing faster and easier.

PLEASE NOTE: these voicebanks are considered as "complete" and will no longer receive updates.


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