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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create memorable, inclusive entertainment that anyone can feel a connection to—furthering the message of acceptance and siblinghood to create a more loving world, one step at a time.

We feel it is vital to grasp the hands of those as different as you as possible. To learn from them, understand them and love them is to create a better world, fostering the growth of peace on Earth. If we could all join hands, wouldn't the world be such a beautiful place? ​

And Our OGIENOIDs...

​ ​

Our OGIENDOIDs are the heart and soul of STUDIO OGIEN. Our girls assist us in spreading our message of hope, peace and love!

We are striving to create "everyone's idols", digital divas that anyone can feel a connection to on some level. The ultimate goal is more inclusive entertainment brought about by a charming cast of gals. With a diverse rainbow of different color, body type, sexuality and personality, we hope to strive closer to this goal every day.

We sincerely hope you will follow us on this journey, and that we can inspire you to grasp the hands of those around you!

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-The Studio Ogien Team