Frequently Asked Questions

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Any media that portrays sexism, racism, pornography, LGBT hate, hatred towards any real/existing country and media portraying hatred towards religion are not to include OGIENoids in any way.
We will indeed! At the moment, our games are entirely WIP. We are trying to focus more so on updating and releasing all the OGIENOIDs before we shift our full focus to these games. Afterwards, that will become our main production.
If you're making money from our work we'd like you to purchase a commercial license for $5 USD. This payment allows you to use any OGIENoids that are and all OGIENoids that are to come--so long as you credit Studio Ogien. You will be asked to sign a document as well, and we urge you not to lose it!
Please make sure that your UTAU software is up to date, your system is in Japanese locale and that the voicebanks are correctly placed in the "voice" folder. This is not an issue with the voicebanks, it is instead an issue with the computer you are running UTAU or the version of UTAU you are using.
We are always trying to improve our voicebanks. If you find an issue, please contact us so we may fix it. Thank you!
It has likely been retired.
OGIENOIDs are a closed group, and unfortunately that means we're not looking to bring in outside sources. We have a set formula and rigid standard. The OGIENOIDs will be used in future commercial projects and the like, so we don't want to complicate things by bringing in multiple owners with different rules, morals, requests, wishes and equipment.

However, we do occasionally put out application forms when seeking voicers for new OGIENOIDs. If you're interested, your application is always greatly appreciated!

As of right now there are indeed plans for the inclusion of Axis and Apollo in a concert independant of Studio Ogien. There are also plans for the inclusion of Atlas and Axis in another concert.

If you are starting a concert and would like the girls to participate, let us know! Likewise, if you know of an UTAU concert taking submissions, once again, let us know! :)